10 Years

On May 26, 2007, in a little community hall in Edmonton surrounded by our friends and family we said “I Do”. I heard tales of wedding day jitters or the sudden fear of not knowing if it was the right decision to make, and people told me to let them know if I felt like throwing up… but I didn’t experience any of that.

My best friend Tiffany was my MOH and had come out a few days earlier. The morning of the wedding we first went to Starbucks (Awake Tea latte’s if I remember correctly) and then off to the salon for hair and makeup. After we were all done up we headed to the hotel to meet up with family and get dressed. It was such a relaxing afternoon of laughing and crying (happy tears), my mom and aunts telling stories about their wedding days, and drinking a bit too much wine.

We took a town car to the hall and the driver told a joke I’m sure every bride-to-be has heard, “Last chance, I can take you anywhere!” but I knew with every part of my being that he was my person and I couldn’t imagine us not spending our lives together. 10 years later reality is so much sweeter than I could have possibly imagined.

He still surprises me regularly whether it be with flowers, jewelry, or plans for an amazing family adventure. He lifts me up when I am at my lowest, and is right by my side when I am at my highest. He is my most vocal cheerleader and an absolutely amazing father and role model for our children. I fall deeper in love with him every single day and I am so excited for what the next 10 years (and beyond) will bring.

You make me feel, so alive and so loved… you are my dream come true.

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