2014 christmas highlights

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope you had an amazing holiday season. Bobby got everything prepared for Santa’s arrival Christmas eve by saying goodbye to Elfie and putting out goodies for Santa and his Reindeer. Christmas morning the kids opened presents from Santa and my side of the family at home, Bobby was super excited for the stuffies from Grandma and Grandpa, and his new transformers from Santa. Cordelia loved everything – especially the wrapping paper.

After that, we headed over to my in-laws for brunch and more gift opening, followed by family time and a delicious turkey dinner. Boxing day the big guy came down with the flu, and then I did – so the rest of the holidays have pretty much been spent in our pajamas, but after a really hectic month, it’s been nice just hanging out at home.


The last picture is Bobby when he was 11 months, and Cordelia at 15 months – both on xmas day playing with the same can… and they both played with it for longer than any other toy that day!

What were your highlights this holiday season? Did you get spoiled? What did Santa leave under the tree for you?

32 thoughts on “2014 christmas highlights

  1. Ugh! You just reminded me I still haven’t put Elfie our elf away. Whoops. Haha. So much has been going on! Hoping you have a great 2015. I got spoiled with clothes and chocolates and a new kitchen aid mixer which I’m beyond excited about!

  2. What a cute Christmas. I remember being a kid at Christmas and how magical it was. Now that I’m older and don’t have kids to celebrate with (yet), the day doesn’t seem quite as fun. There’s just something about kids that make Christmas so much more special.

  3. I just love seeing kids in pj’s on christmas morning opening presents πŸ™‚ SO cute and one of my favorite traditions! I also love the carrots that you left out!

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