a slightly beaten-down mom’s exercise in gratitude

Fridays are typically my Weekly Highlight post but I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like there were any this week. At all. Between the flu, temper tantrums, and teething, I feel like I’ve spent the entire week being screamed at and puked on while trying to catch up on laundry and dishes.

We’re stuck inside and going slightly stir-crazy because of the temperature, and can’t have any play dates because we might still be contagious. My patience level has reached an all time low — I feel like I’m getting irritated at everything — it’s just not a fantastic environment to be in right now.

I really need to re-center myself. If I’m in a better state of mind, everything else will improve, so I decided to do something I don’t think I’ve ever done, a Gratitude Exercise.

The perfectionist in me didn’t want to mess this up, so I started Googling Exercises in Gratitude. Instead of helping, I ended up just feeling guilty. I know that we are very lucky to have our health, to live in a free country, have a roof over our heads and food in our fridge… but in the moment when my daughter is screeching in my ear while I’m pacing the house trying to calm her, and my son is yelling that he pooped and needs his bum wiped, I’m not thankful for my ability to hear or smell. So on that note…

I am grateful for…

• The box of chocolates that my husband brought home for me today – because chocolate.
Sophie the Giraffe – one of the only things that settles Cordelia down for more than a few minutes when she’s teething.
Headphones – so I don’t have to hear those Angry Bird shorts my son loves watching on the iPad anymore.
• On that note – Electronics in general… the iPad, the LeapPad, iPod, Wii… my hat goes off to parents who survive cold Canadian winters without them, I’d have lost my mind long ago.
Our Tassimo and Carte Noire Americanos – After a long night and extremely early morning, the only thing that keeps me going is a cup of coffee.
Baby Sideburns – For saying the things we all think, and making us laugh at life as a parent. If you don’t already follow her on Facebook, you should start. Also People I Want to Punch in the Throat and You Know it Happens at Your House Too.
Granola Bars – Bobby will eat one in the morning and then play in his room for another hour or so, which gives me time to gather myself for the day.
Disney Junior – for being far less annoying than Treehouse.
Pinterest – for giving me plenty of ideas while having no time to implement them.
Our DVR – for the ability to pause when my ears are ringing from a certain someone screaming in them.
and seriously…
My Husband – for being the most amazing, loving, thoughtful person. He is the best father to our children and my best friend. He comes home after a long, hard day at work and lets me go have a shower so I can have a bit of a break. He brings home Starbucks, and chocolate, and flowers, just to make my day a bit brighter, and he puts up with my makeup and nail polish addictions. He’s my person.
Bobby and Cordelia – Even when they scream at me all day, all it takes is a smile, or a hug and an ‘I love you mommy’ to make my day. Though it would make it even better if they just didn’t scream at me all day.
Family & friends, and the tools that allow me to stay in touch with the ones far away.
• This blog. Even though I just started it last month, it has given me a much-needed creative outlet.

Next week’s post will be more positive, I promise… but if you’re reading this, I’m grateful for that too.

What are you thankful for?

6 thoughts on “a slightly beaten-down mom’s exercise in gratitude

  1. This was great. I really loved it. Thanks for reminding me all the things I can be thankful for when I feel like things are crappy. Amazing how just one hug or smile can make all the difference, eh?

    And thanks for being a great friend. I love reading your blog – makes it feel like you aren’t so far away. <3

  2. I definitely loved this as well. It really does just take one smile to make the whole, stressful day go away. I had this moment last night when I brought Luke to bed with me, I had him snuggled under my arm and I looked down to see two big beautiful blues staring right back up at me and the biggest “I love you mommy” smile I’ve ever seen (or, it could have been gas smiles 😉 But I’ll take it.)

  3. Im thankful for you Bekkie! For being an amazing mother to my beautiful neice and nephew, and for loving my brother. We know that can be tough sometimes… He is a Clarke!
    I love you Bekkie! ( eyes are watering)

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