anastasia master palette by mario

anastasia master palette by marioWe can’t all have Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, but with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario we can pretend! This limited edition palette was created with celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, and is filled with gorgeous neutral and jewel-toned shades. It’s the perfect fall / winter palette!

The packaging isn’t great – it feels like cardboard. The mirror is okay, I don’t tend to use eyeshadow palette mirrors for applying makeup so it’s unimportant to me overall but it could be larger for those that do. I haven’t used the double ended brush, but it seems to be a lightweight plastic and the bristles feel a bit scratchy. Now that I’ve covered the not-so-great… on to the great (and most important part)… the shadows themselves.

– 12 x 0.02 oz/ 0.5 mL Eye shadows in:
Hollywood (metallic wheat gold with a satin finish)
NYC (rich chocolate brown with a satin finish)
Kim (tan with a satin finish)
Muse (rose gold with a satin finish)
Marina (champagne with a metallic finish)
Claudia (slate with a velvet finish)
Lula (soft taupe with an ultra-matte finish)
Isabel (burnt orange with an ultra-matte finish)
Violeta (dark chocolate with an ultra-matte finish)
5th Ave (gold leaf with a metallic finish)
Bronx (metallic olive with a satin finish)
Paris (gilded brown with a satin finish)

Every shade is extremely soft and buttery. This is my first ABH palette and was shocked at how soft the shadows are – you need to use a light hand when getting product, or you will kick up a lot of extra powder which in turn causes a lot of fallout. I always apply my eyeshadow before my foundation so it’s easy to clean up, but if you apply foundation first it’s something to keep in mind. The shadows are very pigmented and blend beautifully, and I haven’t had any issues with it staying in place all day, though I haven’t tried wearing them without primer.

The swatches below are one swipe without primer, and below that are the two looks I have done the most – the first with NYC, Muse, and Marina on my lid with Bronx on my lower lash line, and the second with Bronx, Paris, and 5th Ave with Claudia on my lower lash line.
anastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by marioanastasia master palette by mariocenter>I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave me a comment!

12 thoughts on “anastasia master palette by mario

  1. Yeah the kickup is kind of insane on the ABH powders. I was really shocked the first time I used the Modern Renaissance palette… I was like what the hell.. this is MESSY. But once I got used to it, I loved it! This palette is so freaking gorgeous though!

    1. I was really shocked too – I thought the fallout was bad on UD palettes… they don’t even hold a candle to this – but they are just so darn pretty!

  2. This palette is gorgeous! I was debating between this one and the Modern Renaissance palette and ended up going with that one but to be honest, I really want both! Haha.

    1. The Modern Renaissance palette is a beauty too! If both had been in stock and I could have only had one I think I would have gone with that one, but I highly recommend getting both! *enable enable enable* lol

  3. I could see myself using this palette a lot if I had it. I love the looks you did with it.
    I always forget to do my eyes before putting my foundation and always hold a tissue under my eyes once I do them cause of random fallout. I never learn, lol!

    1. Using a tissue is a good idea! I don’t know if I could multitask well enough, I’ve tried using one of those shadow/mascara shield things and it never turns out right haha

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