Mani Monday: Julep Zelda

mani monday: julep zelda
Not sure if it’s the flu, or just a really bad cold… but something wicked is tearing its way through our house. Poor Cordelia has been hit the hardest and went from having a bit of a cough and a slight fever on Friday, to spending all day yesterday cuddled up on me while she tried to sleep, and all last night in our bed because her ‘cough is owies’. Is winter over yet?

I wanted a fun manicure this week, but needed something that would dry very quick because she was only sleeping for 15-20 minutes at a time if she wasn’t on me. Thankfully, Julep Zelda is a very quick-to-dry polish (by the time I finish painting, they are almost dry), and only requires 2 coats for full coverage, and the KBShimmer Lace Water Slide Decals are super easy to apply, even if in the middle of applying a feverish toddler climbs in to your lap.

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Mani Monday: Color Club Wild at Heart

mani monday: color club wild at heart
Happy Monday everyone! Decided to switch up the shape of my nails, though they still need to grow out a bit more. This is probably one of my least helpful mani monday’s, because I pulled out an old favourite, Color Club Wild at Heart (which unfortunately is now discontinued), and topped it with some silver nail stickers, which I think are from essence but I’ve had them for years and there’s nothing on the sticker sheet. I’ll try to use products I can actually link to next week haha.

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Mani Monday: Julep Coretta

mani monday: julep coretta
I forgot to add it to my resolutions post, but I told myself that I was going to start painting my nails again. I easily have over 200 polishes that have been sitting completely neglected, and one that I was really excited to try was Julep Coretta. I ran out of my favourite top coat, normally I would have just re-ordered it but I am trying to use what I have so I opened up my unused bottle of Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat instead.

Julep Coretta Color Description: Gold-Capped Diamond Birthstone. Full-Coverage Holographic Microglitter with real diamond dust for extra sparkle.

I don’t know why I applied a coat of C&E Petal Pink before Julep Coretta, it doesn’t show through at all… and I probably should have instead gone with a fun colour that would – but it’s my first manicure in months and it reminds me of glittery snow (it’s that ‘real diamond dust’ sparkle!) so it works.

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