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I’m a little nervous to be guest posting on Rebekah’s blog today. Her photography is unbelievably intimidating – so airy and light; it’s the kind of photography I’d one day love to achieve. However, I’m stepping up to the plate, and doing what I can!

My name is Chelle and I blog predominantly about makeup (with a side of fitness) over on Makeup Your Mind. The Canadian Beauty Bloggers theme of the month is “Best of 2014″ and I’ve been given the opportunity to share mine on Lipstick and Lullabies. While I’ve had a few favourites over the last year, there’s one that’s really, REALLY stuck out in my mind. For me, the Best of 2014 award definitely goes to the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks.
When the Too Faced Melted lipsticks were released during Spring 2014, I wanted to love them so badly. I’d already had great experiences with liquid lipsticks in the past (Rimmel’s Apocalips in particular) and was hoping to continue the trend with these. And continue the trend I did!

The Melted lipsticks are just infinitely appealing to me. Their squeezy tubes make application easy – so much so that I don’t need a lip brush. Their packaging means I won’t break any kind of lipstick bullet (as I’m prone to do). They’re also long wearing, which is one of the things I look for the most in a lip product. Not to mention that the colours are phenomenal.
They go on the lips quite glossy, but dry down to a matte/velvet texture within the first hour. Since I cannot stand having to constantly touch up my lip product, this is perfect for me. I wouldn’t say they’re transfer-proof, as you will more than certainly get some pigment on your wine glass or significant other if you’re giving them a kiss, but they certainly have a longevity that outdoes most regular creamy lipsticks.
My current collection of Melted lipsticks includes Nude, Peony, Candy and Berry, but you can bet that I’m lusting after all the other shades!
Melted Nude is a neutral shade with a brown edge. While brown has never been an appealing shade to me (90s lipstick revival be damned), this one is neutral enough on my skin tone that I think I can play it off.
Melted Peony is my latest addition to the collection (thank you CBB Secret Santa!). Since it’s a pale/lighter pink, it’s slightly outside of my comfort zone but I know this is a hugely popular shade for many people out there.
My absolute favourite out of this entire line is Melted Candy. This is a full on, bright, in-your-face shade. It looks incredibly luminous in photos and it’s the kind of colour that I want to wear on my lips all day, every day. I cannot get enough of this shade. So much so that when I lost my first one (stupid pockets), I ran out immediately to buy another one. This colour is everything to me!
Melted Berry is the typical winter shade out of the lot. It’s a beautiful dark raspberry/wine shade that will fulfill all your vampy lip lusts this holiday season.

There you have it folks – my favourite product of 2014 in a nutshell. What have been your “Best of” for 2014? Did you fall in love with a particular colour or brand this year?

Thank you so much Chelle not only for this amazing post but your kind words. You are stunning and your photography is beautiful 🙂 I definitely have to go get Melted Berry now!

54 thoughts on “guest post: chelle from makeup your mind

  1. Thanks for hosting me today Rebekah! The timing on this post actually worked out really well since I was able to use my brand new camera for the first time. Woohoo!

  2. Ohmygoodness. I love Too Faced but haven’t heard of Melted – this review has got me wanting to run out and pick up the hot pink. Thanks so much for reviewing these!! In LOVE 🙂

  3. The texture of the lipsticks looks amazing – like velvet! I feel like it would be much easier to apply than traditional sticks – I am going to have to look out for these!

    1. The firmness of the applicator helps out immensely (since I have a habit of breaking my lipstick bullets…). So even though it’s a doefoot type texture I can still get a solid line that I seem to struggle with normal bullets.

    1. On me I feel it’s such an awkward colour (just for my personality, it feels too… girly? I think?) but I do like it quite bit better on the lips than in the swatch for sure!

  4. I love the look of the melted berry (I am biased since I love all berry colours), the other colours are lovely too. I dont think have heard of this brand before but sounds great

  5. Melted Candy !! Perfect color for you. I wonder if they sell them in California?? Thanks for sharing. I am always on the lookout for new makeup products .

  6. Oh man Melted Candy looks amazing on Chelle. Are those colours super long lasting? I’m so afraid of lipglossy type of lipsticks. I’m the messiest with applying colour. Lol

    1. Hi Nancy! I find these to have amazing staying power. They go on quite shiny, but they dry down within about an hour to a completely matte finish. Once it’s matte, it stays put for quite some time! (On me… about 4-5 hours of solid colour.) The reason I like them so much is that they DON’T stay glossy – I’ve gone off shiny, glossy lip colours and these are the perfect solution for me!

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