Hello February

Hello February
One of the things I thought would help keep me on track this year was to do a post at the beginning of each month talking about my goals for the month and how I’m doing on my overall goals for the year. As for the images, when I’m feeling a bit low creatively I surf stock photos. Lately my favourite ones to look at have been crushed eyeshadow shots, so I wanted to share some of those as well!

Hello February
Hello February

Continue my no-buy: I did pick up a couple drugstore basics to replace products I had finished, but I haven’t bought anything that I didn’t “need” and I’d like to stick to this for at least another month, maybe two!
Less coffee, more tea: Some days I drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and I’d really like to cut back. Now to develop a taste for tea…
No more phone in bed: I am really bad for surfing Reddit and social media at night, which I know can make it difficult to fall asleep – especially when I get sucked in to the news. I would like to try and read a book, maybe self-help, maybe something else… it will keep me focused and easier on the eyes at night.

Hello February

Blog Resolutions: I have managed to stick to posting 3x a week! I am still very critical of my photos, and want to continue to improve, but am trying to let go a bit and just be ok with them even when I’m not 100% happy (it’s taking every ounce of willpower to not edit my ‘Products I’ve Hit Pan on‘ photos). I still need to work on expanding what I write about, and totally failed on being happy with my blog design – but I think for really reals this time I am done changing it. I haven’t been nearly as stressed about posting this year, I think limiting myself to 3x a week has really helped.

Health and Beauty Resolutions: I haven’t been as consistent with exercising these past few weeks, both kids have been sick and I’ve been exhausted. I think we are all over it now so I am getting back at it this week. I also haven’t found time to do more with my hair than just put it in a ponytail, or to play with makeup and learn new things – but it’s still early in the year ♥. I’ve managed to stay consistent with my skincare which is making my skin very happy.

Life Resolutions: We went to the ice castle 2 weeks ago which was lovely – though Cordelia had quite the cold so we didn’t stay too long, and hope to go again during the day before it closes. Reducing stress and taking a breath before reacting are both works in progress. I haven’t felt many moments of mommy-regret this month, part of that is because they’ve been sick so we’ve just spent our time together cuddling, but in moments of frustration I have been doing better at waiting to react. I need to try harder to put my phone down, especially on the weekends, and we are focusing on a different area of the house every week to declutter.

Overall I think I am pretty on track, and hope to keep the momentum going!

I love hearing from you, please leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “Hello February

  1. I love those stock photos! I’ve been doing great on my no-buy as well and only replacing items that I’m finishing. Yay for us! 🙂
    Good job on your resolutions so far! I know what it’s like when kids get sick and everything comes to a stop (I usually end up getting sick after my daughter too, which prolongs those unforseen hiatus).
    I love your new site look, but then again I’ve loved all the ones you’ve made! 🙂

    1. Thank you Chantal! That’s awesome! Go us!! I’m still waiting for the rest of us to get sick… we thought my son was better and then we ended up back at square one late Wednesday. It sucks!

  2. I’m trying to not use my phone in bed too! I always reach for it when I’m struggling to get to sleep but it only makes things worse. I’ve found leaving it on the dresser or bed side table rather than under my pillow has really been helping!


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