Hello March

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to start a new month – February was a tough one. Like I mentioned in My Kingdom for a Good Night’s Sleep, Bobby was really sick for two weeks. It started at the end of January… we had just bought him a new loft bed for his birthday, and he had gone upstairs to lie down because he just wasn’t feeling fantastic. 20 minutes later I heard ‘mommy…’ and ran upstairs to see that he had gotten sick… from the top step of his new bed. We got him cleaned up and set him up on a pad on the floor and spent the next 4 hours cleaning his entire room because it. was. everywhere.

After that, he seemed fine. He was having some digestive issues but we thought it might just be a 24-hour bug. Daddy stayed home with him for a couple days and he went back to school on Wednesday. When I went to pick him up, his teacher told me that he was saying his stomach hurt and just had no energy (which he was proving by slowly lying down on the ground while she was talking). 30 minutes after we got home he threw up again. His appetite was almost completely gone, and he was having diarrhea very regularly – sometimes every 20-30 minutes. We waited until Sunday (1 week after he originally got sick) to take him to the Doctor who said that he might be constipated, sent us for X-rays, and told us to come back on Tuesday. Sunday night at about midnight, he threw up again – this time it was in his sleep. Monday passed and we didn’t hear from the Doctor, so we went back first thing Tuesday morning and she told us that he wasn’t constipated, but that there was a lot of fluid in his intestines and it might be an infection. She gave us two prescriptions, one antibiotic and one anti-nausea, and said that if he wasn’t better in 3 days… we needed to go to the ER.

Within 24 hours of starting both medications he was eating again, his colour came back, and he wasn’t running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. It took us about a week after finishing the medication to let our guard down and stop worrying about the issue coming back. I know in the grand scheme of childhood illnesses this isn’t very big… but it was very scary for us.

Then on Monday of this week, while picking Cordelia up I completely wrecked my right shoulder. It was a bit achy when I went to bed and only got worse. I spent most of Tuesday in ridiculous pain, completely unable to fall asleep in bed that night (thank gosh for reclining couches), so I went to the Chiropractor yesterday who did some adjusting, massaging, a bit of laser work to promote healing, and taped me up. I still only have about 10% movement in my right arm, and I have shooting pain if I forget and reach quickly or try to do something I shouldn’t, but I was able to sleep last night and haven’t cried out in pain in over 24 hours so that’s a win for me. I go back today and then three times next week, so I’m sure I’ll be able to use it again in no time.

We did have a few highlights – Seeing Lego Batman (Cordelia’s first movie), the TKD Winter Tournament, and lots of cuddle time with both littles. We are all fighting off a spring cold now, but hopeful that it will pass quickly and we can get life back to normal again.

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4 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. Oh… my… GOD. What a ridiculous month! The further I kept reading the more horrified I felt for you. Good grief… March can ONLY be better, right??

    1. Thank you Chelle. I think the saying is in like a lion and out like a lamb right? So if it’s true the second half of the month should be amazing lol.

  2. Oh crap, you sure had a rough month! It’s so tough when our kids get sick, right? I’m glad to hear Bobby got better with the meds and that it wasn’t anything serious.
    And I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

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