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Hourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteI have been meaning to post this review for quite some time now – I honestly can’t even remember when I bought it, it’s been that long. But my love for this palette hasn’t diminished at all!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette is a limited-edition blush palette with three shades of Ambient Lighting Blush for seamless, soft-focus, and multidimensional color. It contains 3 x 0.11 oz Cheek shades in Luminous Flush (champagne rose), Incandescent Electra (cool peach) and Mood Exposure (soft plum). Incandescent Electra is the exclusive shade, and the one I reach for the most, though I also use Luminous Flush quite regularly. Mood Exposure intimidates me a bit as it’s not a shade of blush I have worn before, but it’s still gorgeous. (update: Finally tried it, and love it!)

The powder is as soft and buttery as the Ambient Lighting Palette which I am also in love with, and they blend beautifully. A little bit goes a long way – I use them very regularly and have barely made a dent – but you want to make sure you use a delicate brush otherwise there is a lot of extra powder wasted. I use my Natural Flush Blush brush from the Sephora 24k Gold Mine brush set and find it works perfectly.

This palette is available for $67.00 CDN and you receive 0.33 oz of product – which is almost half the price as the individual blushes which are $41.00 CDN for 0.15 oz.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteHourglass Ambient Lighting PaletteWhat shade of blush do you typically wear? Do you change shades with the season?

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  1. Interesting that you reach for the middle shade the most – that’s definitely my least used! I’m all about Mood Exposure since it seems to be quite similar to Tarte’s Exposed. And it’s not scary on the cheeks, I promise!

    1. Okay this weekend I will try it! I know that when I swatched it, it’s not nearly as dark as it is in the pan, so I don’t know why whenever I open it I shy away from it!

    1. I was that way for the longest time too – this palette was my first ‘move away from the constant’ product… now I just need to get myself to try new shades!

  2. Is it weird that it looks like you can eat that pallet?! Serious they all look so pretty. I don’t really ever change my color for the seasons… I’m not good at this makeup stuff! haha!

    1. LOL Alyssa! I’m trying really hard to switching things up by the season but I get stuck in ‘this is what I like so this is what I’m wearing’. Bad to admit that as a beauty blogger I’m sure haha

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