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No, this isn’t a post about Frozen, though it is a fantastic movie. This is a post about my daughters clothing.


A new Carters / OshKosh B’gosh opened by our house and they were having an amazing sale. Both Bobby and Cordelia needed new clothes so we packed up and went over to check it out. We could have bought the entire store, everything was so cute! But I digress…

When my son was just a baby, all the clothes that he had grown out of went in to a bag and that bag went in to the basement, stored for the next baby. This time there is no next baby, and packing up all of the clothes she has grown out of to take to goodwill was really difficult. It’s weird, because there is no part of me that wants another one. The plan was always to have two and I am totally okay with that. Maybe it’s because it seems to be going so fast… she’s standing already and I go back to work in 3 months! What do they say? The days last forever but the months disappear… something like that anyway.

As I was going through them I kept saying “I’ll just hold on to this one” and “I will put this one in her memory box”, but that ‘one’ quickly became twenty. The logical and reasonable side of me came through and I decided to only keep the one she wore when she came home from the hospital, just like I did for Bobby, and let the rest go. I did however need to take pictures of some of my favorite pieces and thought I would share them with all of you.


I hope that they end up going to a family who needs them, and that they end up loving them just as much as I did. Maybe I should save myself future heartache and just let her run around in a diaper… it’s warm out now so the cold won’t bother her anyway… but then again, she does look pretty cute in her new clothes too.


32 thoughts on “let it go

  1. What a precious little darling you have!! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel okay with either packing up baby’s clothing or giving it away. #momproblems

  2. What a DOLL, first of all. And secondly, I definitely understand the holding on to clothes thing. If I would let myself, I’d probably hoard all of my kids old clothes. Memories, ya know? I love the idea of taking pictures of the stuff you give away, though!

    1. If we had the room I’d be the exact same – I still have all of Bobby’s even though Cordelia is 8 months old and never needed any of it. ♥

  3. Aww I love that last pic, what a cute onesie too. I find it hard to part with some of my boys’ belongings too. Like I had the cutest little pair of socks from when one of them was a newborn baby. CUTEST THING EVER. I lost them though. 🙁 I think it’s ok to save some things. Imagine when they are older and find these items!

    1. Thanks – we had to get that one, because she loves him the most! Aww yeah I still have a few pairs of her socks in her drawer, hopefully you find them one day 🙁 It’s absolutely okay – but we have this awful habit of keeping everything and really need to downsize haha

  4. TOTALLY started singing that song in my head. but I’m glad that you were able to give those clothes to kids who will need them! I’m not a mom, but I’m sure I won’t give up my kids’ clothes without a fight when it comes to it.

    1. Haha – Hope it wasn’t stuck in there forever! It really is difficult, but the pictures help. If I could keep everything forever I really would, but there is just soooo much!

  5. Love this! I’ve been doing this with my girl’s and we drop them off at a women’s shelter and the girl’s know it’s going to new friends who need them. Way to go mama!

    1. Thanks Kristine ♥ That’s a really good idea – They are still in my garage because we were going to take them to goodwill this weekend but I think I’ll look for a women’s shelter as well!

  6. This will DEFINITELY be me after we have a third child (we just have one, right now). I’m bad about getting rid of clothes, period, but getting rid of children’s clothes? I know I’ll probably shed a few tears getting rid of some of them! But I love the idea of taking pictures of them! I’ve always seen a really cute idea (on Pinterest, of course) where you take 20-30 favorite pieces and have them sewn into a blanket and give it to them on their 18th birthday, or hanging it up on their wall. I thought that was a really cute idea, too!

    1. Oooo that’s a super cute idea. I could always just keep 1 outfit a year and then in 18 years that’d be enough… I think that might just happen! Thanks for the idea Courtney!

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