Lipstick Decluttering

Lipstick DeclutterI’ve been buying makeup almost non-stop for a few years now and I have accumulated more than I would ever be able to use. After watching Chelle’s lipstick decluttering video I felt inspired to do the same.

I tossed all of the lip products from my vanity, drawers, and purse into a box – 165 in total. Some of them were auto-keeps: anything from Bite Beauty, KVD, or shades that I knew even without swatching were unique. Some were easy to get rid of: if I knew I had it for years and never used it, glosses that were past their prime, or if I had the exact same shade with a better formula.

Lipstick DeclutterLipstick DeclutterAs you can see from the pics, I have a ridiculous amount of neutral / nude and berry-toned lipsticks so when I wasn’t sure, I would swatch. I filled my arm twice over with lipstick (super fun to clean off after, thank gosh for Bioderma’s Shower Oil).

Lipstick DeclutterLipstick Declutter

When all was said and done I had 67 lip products that I wanted to get rid of and 98 lip products that I wanted to keep (not including the handful of balms I always have on the go). I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the non-garbage (expired/dried out) lipsticks yet so they are sitting in a box in my closet for now, but I am hoping that I can sanitize and donate them so they don’t go to waste. I am also going to implement a one-in / one-out rule to keep my collection from ballooning again!

Lipstick DeclutterLipstick Declutter

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