mani monday – kiss salon gel french nail kit review

mani monday - kiss salon gel french nail kit reviewHappy Monday everyone! Last week was crazy (in a very good way) but I am re-energized and ready to get back at it. I spent some time Saturday updating my blog, so over the next couple days and weeks there will be some more changes – I’d love any ideas, suggestions, or feedback any of you might have!

On to my manicure. I have been neglecting my nails pretty bad over the past few weeks, so I thought it was a great time to test out the KISS Salon Gel French Nail Kit. I’ve been nervous about trying them because they are glue on nails, but I really had nothing to lose!

The package includes 28 nails, mini glue, and 1 wood stick. Each nail has a tab on it with a number, which made it super easy to find the matching nail for my other hand. I typically have bad luck with nail glue and it ends up everywhere, but the packaging on the pink gel glue made it mess free. The nails are very flexible for application, but they also feel quite strong. They feel fantastic now that they are on – they aren’t too long, and I almost forget I’m even wearing them. So far it’s only been about 24 hours and I will update this post if/when they start coming off so I can talk about the condition of my nails. They are supposed to last about 7 days. As of right now I definitely see myself using these again… it took less than 10 minutes from start to finish, and I’m really happy with the result.
mani monday - kiss salon gel french nail kit reviewmani monday - kiss better than salon frenchmani monday - kiss better than salon frenchmani monday - kiss better than salon frenchmani monday - kiss better than salon frenchHave you ever used glue-on nails? What’s on your nails this week?

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4 thoughts on “mani monday – kiss salon gel french nail kit review

    1. They snapped off really easily once I had them on, and then I only needed to file a bit to get rid of what was left. Super easy! And I haven’t updated the post yet but they lasted 5 days without any of them falling off, one fell off on the 5th day during a shower, and then I popped the rest off… no damage done to my nails – though I will use some OPI Nail Envy underneath next time just in case!

  1. I love the acrylic ones, ive yet to try these. .i havent seen them yet at stores tho.however. it dont take a brain scientist to know how to remove tabs. They come right off if u rock em back n forth once u really dont need to file. However for me they stay two weeks. They lose shape tho but i love these they are strong andstay put.

    1. It’s great that you didn’t have to file them off and that they lasted that long! 🙂 I found there was just a bit of a ridge that would snag on things, but it didn’t take long to smooth them out.

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