march julep maven reveal

March Julep Maven RevealHappy Monday everyone! I am spending the day at home with the kids before getting back into our crazy daily routine, but I wanted to get this out since I’m already a month late. This may be my last Julep box for a long time, as our personal Operation: Buy a Home started yesterday which means a spending freeze for stuff like this, and I’m okay with that.

Anyway, on to the box; I went with the Modern Beauty box which included Fluid Eye Glider, Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner and Light On Your Lips – Chit Chat, and I added on the Soft Focus Trio, Ming (the darker purple polish above) and CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser. I also received a bonus for adding on 3 items which is the darker green polish.

March Julep Maven RevealMarch Julep Maven Reveal

Soft Focus Trio
March Julep Maven RevealIt doesn’t look like they are selling this as a set now, but from left to right:

LuLu: Wisteria mist soft focus (semi-matte)
Janet: Pale peach soft focus (semi-matte)
Ali: Hint of mint soft focus (semi-matte)

I have used all 3 in manicures since getting them… LuLu and Ali both applied beautifully – Janet was goopy and hard to put on which was unfortunate!

CTRL-Z Makeup Eraser
Juep Maven CTRL+ZJuep Maven CTRL+ZJuep Maven CTRL+ZI have used an eraser by ELF in the past, but I like this one better – mostly just because the tip is black and I can’t see the makeup on it. It is a morning saver when I mess up my eyeliner (so like… every morning.)

Light on your Lips – Chit Chat
Julep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatJulep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatJulep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatJulep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatJulep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatJulep Light on your Lips - Chit ChatThis full-coverage sunset rose crème lipstick floats on and feels totally weightless. The ultra moisturizing formula keeps lips hydrated and happy.

I was ready to hate this. The price made my jaw drop. $22.00 USD (so $27 CAD with the dollar right now) for 0.12 oz. That’s almost what MAC charges for their Ultimate Lipstick… and then I put it on. It’s so creamy, and so smooth. The colour is beautiful and the cap attaches magnetically which is fantastic. I won’t be purchasing any more of these though because the price is quite steep – but if they are ever on sale I might grab another shade.

Get in Line Invisible Lip Liner
Julep Lip LinerJulep Lip LinerA clear, waterproof lip liner that works with any lip color or gloss.

I broke the tip the first time I tried to take the cap off (which I ended up doing with my teeth… ouch) and I haven’t been bothered to sharpen and test it…

Fluid Eye Glider
Julep Eye LinerJulep Eye LinerJulep Eye LinerJulep Eye LinerA jet black eyeliner pen with a no-fray precision felt tip that makes it easy to create thin or thick lines.

I like how short the felt tip is, it makes it easy to apply precisely. It did bleed a bit on my arm when I swatched it but I haven’t had that issue on my eyes.

Overall I’m really happy with the box, and if it’s my last one then I’m going out on a Julep high!

What was in your latest Julep Maven box?

4 thoughts on “march julep maven reveal

  1. I used to get Julep Maven, but stopped because we are saving for a house as well. This is one of my favorite subscription boxes, though! The nail polish color are so pretty this month!

    1. Yay for saving for a house! It will be worth it. I’m glad that we can just skip without cancelling, because I just know the month I straight up cancel would have something I really want!

  2. Oh wow that is a great box of amazingness. Those polish shades look to die for and I am totally digging that lipstick. I used to do the Julep Maven when it was just polishes or something that was around nails. I think I might need to resign up and get some of these amazing new makeup and beauty goodies. Great post!!

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