my new glasses

my new glassesIt may seem weird to devote a post to a pair of glasses, but this is probably the only opportunity I’ll have to write about something that comes out of a gorgeous Tiffany blue box so I’m doing it! 🙂

I’ve worn glasses for a few years now – typically just for computer use, but the need has grown as I’ve gotten older. In the past when choosing frames I went with whatever was neutral, and cheap. This time I wanted something a bit more fun while still being neutral enough to not clash with my makeup, and after trying on a dozen pairs, these were the one for me.

They are bold enough that I don’t feel face-naked with only a bit of Stila Kitten on my lids and some mascara, but I can also rock a smokey eye or colorful look comfortably! I feel like the frame shape suits my round face nicely, especially with the slight cat eye.

my new glassesmy new glassesmy new glassesmy new glassesmy new glasses

and because I never smile or look at the camera in selfies, here are a few shots with my lovely littles.
my new glassesmy new glasses

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6 thoughts on “my new glasses

  1. Beautiful! I love the frame shape! I’m in the market for something similar for my new pair of glasses. I’ve had narrow, rectangular lenses for about four years now, and I’m ready for a larger lenses!

  2. I love your new glasses Bekkie! Great choice!

    I never realized just how much your little guy
    looks like you!! That’s awesome! So sweet! 💞

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