november nerdblock jr. review

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.I haven’t posted a NerdBlock Jr. post since Bobby got his first one back in August, I took the pictures… I just never got around to it, so in summary: He’s loved them all. Every month he is counting down the days until his mail arrives, and then he sits anxiously waiting to open it… and then patiently while mommy takes pictures before he can open it all up and play.

November’s arrived last week and I am going to *try to* post these every month now! We signed up for the adult NerdBlock for my husband too which I will post next week (also a hit!)
November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.

Marvel Iron Man 3 Ghost Armor Iron Man Figure

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.“IRON MAN!!” he is obsessed with Iron Man (which if you saw his Halloween costume is no surprise) and was super happy to get this. He plays with it all the time, and is having fun shooting the ‘Repulsor Rocket Gauntlets’ at the bad guys.

Slap Watch

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.I’m guessing at the price of this, but other than baths and sleeping, he hasn’t taken it off his wrist, and it sure brought back memories for us! Thankfully my husband got one in his too, so we’ve been playing with that. Oh – and this really did blow my mind. I’ve always wanted to know what was inside a snap bracelet!!

Character Building Micro-Figure

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.This one he hasn’t really played with, mostly because it is just a bunch of small pieces that Cordelia could choke on. He did have fun putting it together, and we pull it out with the rest of his lego when she is down for her naps.

Puzzle Erasers

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.My husband has had fun pulling these apart and putting them back together. Bobby doesn’t use them at all though.

Penguins of Madagascar

November 2014 Nerd Block Jr.He loves flipping through the comics he gets, and this one was no exception! We’ve read it a few times already, and those penguins are just too cute.

So the approximate value of the box was $19.00 which is less than we paid ($20 incl shipping), but that’s okay. It’s not something we signed up for to get a deal, we just wanted him to get something fun in the mail and that’s exactly what this is. Next month I think Santa will be using the items for stocking stuffers because of the timing, but I’ll be sure to post what was in it!

What toy do you remember playing with most as a child?

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