scent inspired memories with demeter

scent inspired memories with demeterI’ve read a lot of Demeter Fragrance Library reviews and been extremely intrigued, but with over 250 different fragrances to choose from it can be a little overwhelming – so when the opportunity for a custom curated blending set came up through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network I applied right away.

I’ve always loved perfume but I’m typically pretty boring… I find a scent that I like and stick with it until it’s out or I find something I like better. I’ve never been able to explain the ‘notes’ in what I’m wearing… and my vocabulary around perfumes is usually limited to fruity, floral, musky… I just know what I like, and what I don’t.

The great thing about Demeter is every scent is singular… allowing you to mix and match – fun right? For the #CBBScentMemory campaign we selected a scent memory, and then Demeter picked 2 scents to go with it. As a bonus we were also sent a set of 3 scent memories put together by Demeter CEO Mark Crames.

First up – the Scent Memory Blending Set curated and customized exclusively for me! scent inspired memories with demeterLavender
Lullaby and goodnight……this scent says chill out. Lavender is a shrubby plant indigenous to the mountainous regions of the countries bordering the western half of the Mediterranean, and cultivated extensively for its aromatic flowers in various parts of France, in Italy and in England and even as far north as Norway. It is also now being grown as a perfume plant in Australia. The fragrant oil to which the odor of Lavender flowers is due is widely used in perfumery, and to a lesser extent in medicine. The fine aromatic smell is found in all parts of the shrub, but the essential oil is only produced from the flowers and flower-stalks. Besides being grown for the production of this oil, Lavender is widely sold in the fresh state as ‘bunched Lavender,’ and as ‘dried Lavender,’ the flowers are used powdered, for sachet making and also for pot-pourri, etc., so that the plant is a considerable source of profit. Various species of Lavender are used in the preparation of the commercial essential oil, but the largest proportion is obtained from the flowers of Lavandula vera, the narrow-leaved form, which grows abundantly in sunny, stony localities in the Mediterranean countries.

Jasmine Jazzed – An exotic, sweet, warm floral bouquet. Demeter’s Jasmine is the experience of the living flowers picked on a beautiful spring night. Captivating and seductive, we’ve taken our original scent and made it even better. One of the flowers most valued by perfumers, and grown in Grasse, France, its mood-inducing scent is one of the most distinct of all natural odors.

Beautiful spring flowers, driving by it perhaps, a quick burst of intense, almost overwhelming, scent…We’re in danger of some “purple prose” here, we know. But, we do love it. Lilac grows as a shrub or small tree up to 20 feet in height producing a crowd of erect stems, clothed with spirally arranged flakes of bark. It is covered with smooth shoots and leaves, usually heart-shape and 2 to 6 inches long. Our concern, however, is with the fragrance and unforgettable flowers.

The scent I chose was Lavender. It has always made me feel calm and happy and it really is perfect. Demeter paired it with Jasmine and Lilac. Like the Lavender scent they smell exactly like I expected them to… and I have really enjoyed combining them and wearing them on their own.

Demeter CEO Mark Crames’ scent memories were very interesting:scent inspired memories with demeterMountain Air
Crisp, clean and cool mountain air. Endless evergreen. Crystal clear water. This fragrance is a personal attempt to capture one of the most amazing vacations of my life. Alaskan license plates read “The Last Frontier”, and they speak the truth. The scope and majesty of the place is impossible to capture, but it was too important to me. I had to try.

Rice Paddy
A fabulous and unique combination of the young, green shoots, the emerging rice and the water. This fragrance has elements that are fresh and energizing, while also reflecting the calm, almost Zen-like nature of the rice paddy. The development of this fragrance was very personal. I had wanted to make a Rice fragrance for some time, but despite several efforts, I was unable to come up with anything satisfactory. Then on a trip to Taiwan I visited a factory, and on each side of the factory was a working, living rice paddy. At the first chance I slipped away and spent 30 minutes contemplating that paddy and inhaling its scent. It was that experience I tried to capture in this fragrance.

Vanilla Cake Batter
Have you ever stopped to think about your “irresistible list”? You know what I mean – things that always get your attention, make your heart beat faster? It’s either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you choose to look at it, that I’ve always leaned somewhat toward self-indulgence. Therefore, my list of irresistible is rather long. Very close to the top is one of the simplest, most basic, yet most satisfying, comforting desserts in all the world: Vanilla Cake, or more to the point, Vanilla Cake Batter. Is there any better memory than licking the bowl and Mom’s big spoon?

Mountain Air is really is crisp and clean. On it’s own it reminds me of men’s body wash. I’ve been layering it with the floral scents and find it rounds them out quite nicely.

Rice Paddy has a sweet… sort of nutty scent – I’m not sure what Rice Paddy’s smell like, but if this is it… I want to visit one. When I first spray it I find it a bit overwhelming, but as it fades I really enjoy it.

Vanilla Cake Batter… that’s exactly what it is. It makes me want to bake just so I can lick the beaters. When Bobby and Cordelia want to smell pretty like mommy and daddy this is what I use on them and they love it.

scent inspired memories with demeterscent inspired memories with demeterscent inspired memories with demeterI have had so much fun playing Perfumer and feel less intimidated now. I will definitely be picking up some more Demeter scents so I can keep playing! I’ve also really enjoyed reading all of the CBB scent memories – check them out below ♥

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