let it go

No, this isn’t a post about Frozen, though it is a fantastic movie. This is a post about my daughters clothing.


A new Carters / OshKosh B’gosh opened by our house and they were having an amazing sale. Both Bobby and Cordelia needed new clothes so we packed up and went over to check it out. We could have bought the entire store, everything was so cute! But I digress…

When my son was just a baby, all the clothes that he had grown out of went in to a bag and that bag went in to the basement, stored for the next baby. This time there is no next baby, and packing up all of the clothes she has grown out of to take to goodwill was really difficult. It’s weird, because there is no part of me that wants another one. The plan was always to have two and I am totally okay with that. Maybe it’s because it seems to be going so fast… she’s standing already and I go back to work in 3 months! What do they say? The days last forever but the months disappear… something like that anyway.
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