Mani Monday: Julep Coretta

mani monday: julep coretta
I forgot to add it to my resolutions post, but I told myself that I was going to start painting my nails again. I easily have over 200 polishes that have been sitting completely neglected, and one that I was really excited to try was Julep Coretta. I ran out of my favourite top coat, normally I would have just re-ordered it but I am trying to use what I have so I opened up my unused bottle of Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat instead.

Julep Coretta Color Description: Gold-Capped Diamond Birthstone. Full-Coverage Holographic Microglitter with real diamond dust for extra sparkle.

I don’t know why I applied a coat of C&E Petal Pink before Julep Coretta, it doesn’t show through at all… and I probably should have instead gone with a fun colour that would – but it’s my first manicure in months and it reminds me of glittery snow (it’s that ‘real diamond dust’ sparkle!) so it works.

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