Easter Highlights

Easter HighlightsI think I should change the tagline of my blog to ‘better late than never’, this month has completely gotten away from me. Obviously I have dropped the ball on my goal of posting 3x a week and I’ll write a post at some point about my current slump, but today I wanted to share highlights from our little Easter weekend.

It’s the first time since Christmas that we were able to spend this much time together as a family, and it was so wonderful. We played board games, painted eggs, watched movies, and of course had an egg hunt! Easter weekend is the only time I don’t have to bug the kids to clean their rooms or pick up their toys because we have told them the Easter Bunny only leaves eggs in clean rooms ♥.

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2015 easter weekend highlights

I haven’t posted weekly highlights in a couple months – oops! Now that the weather is warmer and we are doing more than just hanging out at home, I will make an effort to get these up more often… as they are the posts I most enjoy looking back on.

We spent the Easter long weekend at my in-laws cabin and it was wonderful. We went for a walk on the beach, painted eggs, ate delicious food, and I watched the Notebook for the first time – when super emotional things happen in a movie there should be a warning… like with violence: ‘warning – this movie contains super intense love that will cause you to sob uncontrollably…‘ but I digress…

Total picture overload (sorrynotsorry) because we had such an amazing time and I was having so much fun playing around with my new 55-200 lens. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend ♥


What were your Easter highlights?

weekly highlights

TGIF! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

We had fun playing with a Play-Do set my parents sent to Bobby for Easter, and decorating eggs. We had our first Easter egg hunt – Bobby made out pretty well, and Cordelia kept trying to swipe one ♥ The weather was temporarily nice enough to go out without a jacket, and Cordelia had her first experience in a swing. Unfortunately the rest of the week has been dreary and rainy and we’ve been stuck indoors again, so Cordelia has been giving Bobby pointers on how to play Mario.

How did you spend your Easter? Have a fabulous weekend!