Weekly Highlights: Winter Tournament

Weekly Highlights: Winter Tournament
Yesterday was Bobby and Daddy’s first Taekwondo Winter Tournament and they’d been looking forward to it for weeks. We weren’t sure how well Cordelia would do at an almost all-day event, so we took both vehicles just in case. Cordelia really wanted to participate too and kept saying how big of a girl she was, so Bobby spent some time showing her his pattern before running off to see his friends.

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spring is here!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Sorry it’s been so quiet around here, it has been so busy and I haven’t had any time to put together content. I will find time this week though! Last week I had the pleasure of going on a field trip with Bobby’s kindergarten class to the Muttart Conservatory. They got to learn how to care for plants (specifically they one they got to take home), the stages of a ladybug, and then after looking at all the flowers, they got to release a ladybug. Bobby and his group named him Matt. Matt the Ladybug.

We got Bobby his first real bike (and Cordelia her first trike) and managed to go for a couple bikeride/walks. It’s so nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the sun after dinner now that it isn’t setting at 4pm. Bobby also had his first couple classes of Taekwondo and he’s loving it!0420-10420-20420-30420-40420-50420-60420-70420-7b0420-90420-100420-110420-120420-130420-140420-150420-160420-17
What’s your favorite thing about spring?

2015 easter weekend highlights

I haven’t posted weekly highlights in a couple months – oops! Now that the weather is warmer and we are doing more than just hanging out at home, I will make an effort to get these up more often… as they are the posts I most enjoy looking back on.

We spent the Easter long weekend at my in-laws cabin and it was wonderful. We went for a walk on the beach, painted eggs, ate delicious food, and I watched the Notebook for the first time – when super emotional things happen in a movie there should be a warning… like with violence: ‘warning – this movie contains super intense love that will cause you to sob uncontrollably…‘ but I digress…

Total picture overload (sorrynotsorry) because we had such an amazing time and I was having so much fun playing around with my new 55-200 lens. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend ♥


What were your Easter highlights?