2016 thanksgiving highlights

thanksgiving2016-0This Thanksgiving was a bunch of firsts for us – it was the first time we had thanksgiving at home, just the 4 of us… which meant it was also the first time I made Thanksgiving dinner! It snowed that weekend so we got to go out and build our first snowman of the year too. The kids had so much fun playing in the snow, I wish winter could be as wonderful and mild as that day was.

For our Thanksgiving dinner we picked up a 9lbs turkey which I dry brined the night before, and we made it nice and easy with mashed potatoes, gravy, slow cooked carrots and green beans. Everything turned out perfectly!

Here are a few of my favourite pics from our little Thanksgiving day. ♥

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september highlights

Hard to believe we just finished the first full week of October. September was such a big month it seemed to end as soon as it started – Bobby started grade 1, Cordelia turned 2, my mother and brother came to visit and my SIL got married! I wanted to share some of the photos from our big month – so here are some pics from Bobby’s first day of school and Cordelia’s little birthday party. ♥ Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating this weekend!

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weekly highlights

What an amazing week it has been! Started with Bobby’s soccer tournament on the weekend, then he had another game on Wednesday and Kindergarten orientation on Thursday (can I cry?? I’d like to cry). Cordelia is really getting the hang of standing, and crawling, and we’ve had a very curious visitor all week – a squirrel that runs up and down our fence constantly. Bobby went out to play one day and he was sitting on the fence staring at him… they must have looked at each other for 5 minutes before he finally took off. Cordelia doesn’t know what to think, whenever he is perched on the table and she can see him she stops what she’s doing and stares.

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