Weekly Highlights: Winter Tournament

Weekly Highlights: Winter Tournament
Yesterday was Bobby and Daddy’s first Taekwondo Winter Tournament and they’d been looking forward to it for weeks. We weren’t sure how well Cordelia would do at an almost all-day event, so we took both vehicles just in case. Cordelia really wanted to participate too and kept saying how big of a girl she was, so Bobby spent some time showing her his pattern before running off to see his friends.

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2016 halloween highlights

2016 halloween highlightsNot gonna lie, totally dropped the ball on Halloween this year. We had picked up the kids costumes in early October, Bobby wanted to be a Lego Ninja guy and Cordi wanted to be Owlette from PJ Masks. After we picked them up… I completely forgot about the rest of the Halloween to-do’s, including getting myself a costume and carving pumpkins (that one up there is a stock photo, no shame).

For my costume I just used makeup I already had and went with an easy cat costume. We had a bit of a team theme at work so I added some fake blood once I got to the office, and peeled it off before I got home so the kids didn’t freak out.

If you saw my Thanksgiving highlights you’ll remember we had enough snow to build a snowman… this week we’ve had highs of 19 and minus a bit of wind, the weather was perfect for trick-or-treating. This was the first year Cordelia went out trick-or-treating for as long as Bobby, and after examining their hauls and eating a couple… they were both out like a light. 2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights2016 halloween highlights

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weekly highlights

The annual fall cold is making it’s way through our household… so we blew up the air mattress in the living room and really didn’t do much. Instead I thought I’d share what the highlight of my day is, and a product that made it even better.

I love the hour between bath time and bed time. Electronics have been turned off, chores are set aside, and we relax as a family. We read books to them, Bobby reads books to us, the kids dogpile daddy… it’s our golden hour. It used to end when it was time to brush teeth – It’s not that they hate brushing their teeth, they just didn’t enjoy it, so I was looking forward to their reactions to Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Children’s Toothpaste.

Silly Enough for Kids – Good Enough for Moms and Dads! Our Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for Children uses calcium and silica to gently clean, and the delicious real fruit flavor appeals to your child’s taste – not artificial sparkles and bubble gum flavors. Because it’s fluoride-free, you won’t have to worry if more toothpaste ends up in your child’s tummy than in the sink.a

Bobby loves the strawberry flavor, and I haven’t had to argue with him to brush until his toothbrush light turns off. Cordelia will just do whatever her big brother does, so as long as he’s brushing she lets me brush her teeth without issue. The novelty might wear off in a few weeks, but for now we’ve extended the golden hour straight through putting them to bed and it has been wonderful. ♥

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