weekly highlights

Happy Friday everyone, and to my fellow Canadians – Happy Canada Day Weekend!


This week it finally warmed up enough to set up the pool and play outside! We went for walks, played at the park… it was great! Then it decided to get cold and miserable again just in time for Bobby’s last soccer game of the season. I can’t believe it’s over already, feels like it just started. Bobby wasn’t feeling well about halfway through and ‘played goalie’ for the second game, and then spent most of Thursday curled up on the couch testing the limits of what Mommy will do for her sick little man (it stopped at ‘I can’t fall asleep unless someone is playing my guitar’ in case any of you were wondering).

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let it go

No, this isn’t a post about Frozen, though it is a fantastic movie. This is a post about my daughters clothing.


A new Carters / OshKosh B’gosh opened by our house and they were having an amazing sale. Both Bobby and Cordelia needed new clothes so we packed up and went over to check it out. We could have bought the entire store, everything was so cute! But I digress…

When my son was just a baby, all the clothes that he had grown out of went in to a bag and that bag went in to the basement, stored for the next baby. This time there is no next baby, and packing up all of the clothes she has grown out of to take to goodwill was really difficult. It’s weird, because there is no part of me that wants another one. The plan was always to have two and I am totally okay with that. Maybe it’s because it seems to be going so fast… she’s standing already and I go back to work in 3 months! What do they say? The days last forever but the months disappear… something like that anyway.
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weekly highlights

Happy Friday! I am pretty sure I say it every week but this week went by super fast. Soccer was unfortunately cancelled because of rain, but we are hoping to have a make-up game tomorrow.

On Saturday we went and checked out Jurassic Forest, which was well worth the 1 hour drive! We got there almost as soon as the gates opened so it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t busy. For those who aren’t from around here or who have never been, “Jurassic Forest and Learning Centre features over 50 life sized and realistic animatronic exhibits nestled into a 40-acre natural forest and wetland environment.” It was amazing! They had these really cute dinosaur rides which we managed to get Bobby to sit on, but he was not at all comfortable – we couldn’t even get a smile so I snapped a quick pic and got him down. He has been talking about it all week though and can’t wait to go back!


It was our 7 year wedding anniversary on Monday the 26th and my amazing inlaws came to watch the kids so my husband and I could go see Godzilla in 3D VIP! We had a couple drinks, a nice dinner, and enjoyed a fantastic evening out. He also surprised me with 2 dozen beautiful pink roses, and 2 rainbow roses (one for each of our children) I haven’t stopped staring at them!


Bobby and I went and picked out some hanging plants for the yard and he also wanted to get this really cute 4 inch Cyclamen (I only know what it’s called because it’s on the pot). Google says it’s low maintenance and easy to take care of – so I should be able to keep it alive for at least a month! He has been asking all week to water them but it’s been raining so he hasn’t had a chance.


Cordelia started crawling AND standing this week. I use the term crawling very loosely.. she sorta shuffles a bit and then cries for someone to pick her up, she is far more interested in being upright. Bobby likes to help her stand – I think he’s excited for when she can run around and play with him (we’ll see how long that lasts once she can!)


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We are hoping to take Cordelia to the pool for the first time, and hopefully spend some time outside if the sun decides to show up! What were your highlights this week?