my top 10 favorite podcasts

podcasts1And now for something completely different…

I am super late to podcasting – I didn’t even know how to go about listening to one before Serial (months after season 1 had ended…). Once I had finished binge listening to it I needed more. So I started googling ‘narrative podcasts’ and ‘podcasts like Serial’. I’ve tuned in to quite a few now, but I wanted to share the ones that have me waiting anxiously for a new episode.

Within minutes of listening I was hooked… I chose listening to new episodes over watching tv, I’d listen in the car on my way to work… or on my way home… while I was in the shower, or doing my makeup… any chance I could to get through it and find out what happened… I won’t spoil anything – if you haven’t listened… you should! Season 2 is supposed to start some time this year.

After listening to Serial I needed to know more… so I searched the podcast app for Adnan Syed and this one came up first. It is done different than Serial, not the same story telling format – but the information and discussion is really great… and I like being kept up to date. Highly suggest listening to Serial first, because they do make references to things talked about in that podcast.

We Want the D
The D stands for Disney!! I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this podcast – but I am so glad I did. They take a different Disney movie every week… watch it… and discuss. I am a Disney fanatic, the first episode I listened to was The Little Mermaid, then Newsies… and now I’ve listened to all of them. Vicky, Nolan and Jill are absolutely hilarious… if you love Disney movies, you will love this podcast!

This American Life
This podcast was mentioned at the beginning of Serial – so I had to see what it was all about. It’s an hour long show hosted by Ira Glass. Each week has a theme and the segments are real stories about real people… it’s brought me to tears more than once, and made me laugh countless times. Storytelling at it’s best!

The Black Tapes Podcast
This podcast is a bit out there, and I’m not gonna lie… it took me a few episodes to even determine if this was fiction or non-fiction. (and after the occasional episode I have searched again for more info). Either way, it’s extremely enjoyable – each episode has it’s own little story, that is tying in to a larger back story. If you like paranormal / supernatural type stuff, you’ll probably enjoy this!

Start Up
A podcast about starting a podcast – intriguing right? The first season was all about Alex Blumberg’s journey to start his own company… a podcast network – it was very honest and provided great insight in to the struggles of starting your own business – Season 2 was just as great, and it focused on 2 women starting their own online dating business. Alex and Lisa Chow are wonderful hosts and I am really looking forward to season 3!

Reply All
I was introduced to this through Start Up – it’s a podcast about one of my favorite things… the internet. PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman are extremely entertaining and each episode features stories about swatting, hackers, the early internet… I learn something every time!

Mystery Show
Also introduced to this through Start Up – Starlee Kine takes every day mysteries like “What does that vanity plate mean?” or “How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal really?” and solves them in an extremely entertaining fashion.

Dear Sugar
This is a new one for me but I am obsessed – it’s like Dear Abby… Each episode has a theme, people write in and co-hosts Cheryl Strayed & Steve Almond discuss and respond in a very caring, empathetic, insightful and honest way. Some of it really resonate with me, and the ones that don’t… are just intriguing. I always loved reading advice columns and this is even better!

Here’s the Thing
Alec Baldwin talking? Count me in. I absolutely love his voice! I’m currently binge listening to this as the interview episodes go all the way back to 2011 and are with some really great people – Kristin Wiig, Chris Rock, Lorne Michaels, David Letterman… I am really enjoying it!

I am constantly looking to add more podcasts to my list and would love to know what you’re listening to!