Christmas 2016 Highlights

Christmas 2016 Highlights
Did this month disappear for anyone else? Feels like we just set the tree up. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. It’s been quiet on the blog because we’ve been enjoying some quality family time these past few weeks which has been wonderful. Every Christmas with the kids gets better and better, this was Cordi’s first year of really understanding what was going on and it was so much fun. She was insanely excited to meet Santa, and was excited every morning to find where the elves were hiding.

Christmas Eve they got to open a few presents from their far-away Grandparents as well as a couple movies (Finding Dory and Secret Life of Pets – both fabulous) and new jammies from their little elf friends, then we went over to my in-laws for the traditional munchie night – where we all make way too much food and have a few drinks. Christmas morning the kids rushed down to see what Santa had brought. We put on A Kitten’s Christmas and opened gifts, then packed up and headed over to my in-laws again for brunch, more festivities, and of course an amazing turkey dinner.

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weekly highlights

Happy Friday everyone! I think we’re finally on the tail end of what seems like a string of never-ending sickness. We didn’t do much this week other than try to get healthy, but here are some pics from our trip to the Telus World of Science a few weeks back. Unfortunately I only managed to snap one of Bobby, as I was chasing Cordelia around, but I think it’s a pretty good one! I am loving the fact that I can take decent photos with my phone now that I’ve upgraded to a 6 plus – I forget my Nikon at home far too often.02202015-102202015-202202015-302202015-402202015-502202015-602202015-702202015-8
What were your highlights this week? Have you managed to stay healthy this cold and flu season?

weekly highlights

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I don’t think I’ve posted weekly highlights since Christmas, we’ve had a never ending circle of sickness and January was a busier month than anticipated.

On to the fun stuff though – The big highlights in January were of course Bobby’s 5th birthday, and my sister-in-law and her husband had a baby boy! ♥ He showed up a few weeks early but both mommy and baby are doing well and he is so precious 🙂

With Bobby in Kindergarten, we decided to actually throw him a birthday party this year – and chose The Fun Dome. The great thing about this place is it is booked strictly for your party, so there are no other kids running around! It had bouncy castles / slides, mini golf, a room with smaller toys and large building blocks, and after all the playing the kids had hot dogs and of course cupcakes. Bobby said it was the best birthday ever – and that all the kids were talking about it at school on Tuesday, so I think it was successful!


What were your highlights this week / month? Have a great weekend!