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Urban Decay Vice 3Anyone else feel like this is the longest week ever? There should be a law against a 5 day work week directly after holidays. Anyway, today I’m excited to review the gorgeous Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. I actually got it back in October and have been using it almost daily.

The case is beautiful – I love the neon green jewel VICE logo and how shiny it is. Unfortunately mine arrived scratched, but I was too impatient to wait until they were in stock again to get it replaced. The mirror is the same size as the palette, which is fantastic and makes it very easy to use when traveling… or at your desk at work because you didn’t get a chance to do your makeup at home that morning. It also came with a matching makeup bag that fits the palette perfectly.

Like most of their palettes this one came with a double-ended brush – shadow on one end, blending/crease on the other. It is quite soft, but I haven’t used it much as I’m too in love with my Sephora 24k set.

Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3

With 20 brand new shades to work with it’s easy to come up with different looks. The shades are arranged in columns: neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the middle and smoky shades on the right. I usually use the neutral shades in my crease to help blend, and then use the coordinated quad to complete the look. I have found them all to be wonderfully soft and easy to blend.

Urban Decay Vice 3Truth: pale pink-nude matte | Undone: pink-beige matte-satin w/subtle floating tonal pearl | Downfall: warm light brown matte | DTF: taupe matte w/subtle floating pearl
Urban Decay Vice 3Dragon: bright metallic green shimmer | Freeze: metallic medium blue w/multidimensional micro-glitter | Heroine: deep navy blue w/subtle floating tonal pearl | Brokedown: metallic golden brown shimmer w/gold micro-glitter
Urban Decay Vice 3Vanity: smoky metallic eggplant w/multidimensional micro-glitter | Lucky: metallic bronze | Reign: rich brown satin | Bobby Dazzle: metallic white w/pale gold micro-glitter
Urban Decay Vice 3Alien: pink-peach w/golden shift | Alchemy: deep fuchsia satin | Bondage: deep, smoky burgundy shimmer | Sonic: metallic red-copper
Urban Decay Vice 3Last Sin: champagne shimmer w/silver micro-glitter | Angel: light taupe w/silver micro-glitter | Defy: smoky taupe satin | Revolver: soft black satin w/subtle floating iridescent pearl

Here’s my favorite look with the palette, I’m using Undone, Downfall, DFT, Last Sin, Angel, and Bobby Dazzle
Urban Decay Vice 3Urban Decay Vice 3

What combo would you use first?

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  1. I also got this palette, but I’ve barely touched it yet! I did a look or two though and loved it so far. I’m super excited about the bright shades in this palette.

    It sucks that yours was scratched though. πŸ™

    1. I love that they mixed both bright and neutral, makes it so versatile!! Yeah it took me far too long to get over it being scratched.. packaging means too much lol!

    1. The price is balanced out by the fact that they last forever! I use my Naked 3 all the time and it took a year to barely hit the pan on my most used colour. Pretty impressive!

  2. I loe the Urban Decay palettes! I steered away from this one because I knew that I wouldn’t used the brighter colors. I’m more of a neutral girl. But now I’m thinking that I need it! Hahaha!!!

    1. I am far from one too Ayana and had a hard time at first when I made the switch – but it is so worth it. There are still tons of drugstore brand makeup products that I love, and prefer to keep it cheap when products expire quickly… but shadows last so long, it is a great investment!

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