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Vanity TourSpring seems to have finally arrived, and with that comes spring cleaning! We spent the weekend purging and organizing and while there is still a lot left to do, I managed to mostly organize the most important thing – my vanity. I always love seeing how other people set up their makeup stations, and since mine is currently as organized as it’s ever been… I thought I would share it!

I saw this IKEA shelf (which doesn’t appear to be available anymore) on Pinterest and tasked my amazing husband with picking it up and mounting it for me. He also grabbed me a decent size round mirror, but I needed a makeup mirror… after looking at a bunch online I went with a double sided Jerdon lighted mirror. It has 3 light settings and one side is 8x magnified – it’s absolutely fantastic.

On my vanity I keep my brushes, current skincare products, newest lipsticks, and all the makeup I use daily. Under the glass top I keep the majority of my eyeshadow palettes, and smaller items that I use regularly, or still need to review.

Vanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity Tour

I had been storing all of the makeup that didn’t fit on my vanity in boxes all over the house, it wasn’t pretty – so in the fall I bought a 5 drawer IKEA Alex. It’s not as organized as I want it to be, but it’s getting there. On top I have the perfumes I use most often, seasonal shades of nail polish, and jewelry. In the top drawer I keep all of my hair brushes, bobby pins, elastics… etc, as well as makeup remover and smaller items that need a home . Second drawer is eyeshadow and compacts, third is lipsticks and eyeliners – it’s the drawer I need to organize the most, because there are so many products buried that I forget about… fourth is mostly nails, but some of my Demeter fragrances as well, and in my bottom drawer are my hair tools, and anything larger that just needs a home.
Vanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourVanity TourAnd all of that is why my no buy needs to start again, because I am almost needing another Alex! How do you store your makeup? Any tips on how I can get more organized?

I love hearing from you, please leave me a comment!

6 thoughts on “vanity tour

  1. I love your setup! I eventually want an ikea makeup corner with an Alex “table” (Alex on one side and legs on the other). Right now my most used items are in the washroom and everything else is in a little unit in the loft – which I rarely look into cause I don’t have too much time in the morning, not to mention a toddler that likes to open and touch all of my makeup, lol!

    1. Oh my gosh that would be amazing! I totally know what you mean, my little girl is all over the makeup now, so at least the stuff in drawers is safe!

  2. Whoaaaaa. I love it! I think my favourite parts is the Sephora brush holder (probably because it’s gold) and that gold brush in the holder in the far right looks amazing. Random (but eagle eyes over here) noticed a white polish in your top rack, second from left. What is it?? 🙂

      1. I was wondering about their white cause I tried Peony and it’s the best white pink crème I’ve ever tried! I need to get their white now!

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