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Well, what can I say… last weekly highlights before school/dayhome/work, and like the past few weeks it disappeared far too quickly. It was great though, we went to the park, played dress up, cuddled up and watched the Princess and the Frog a good dozen times (it’s Cordelia’s favorite), and the big ones – Cordelia stood all by herself, and then when we went to show daddy that evening, she took 2 steps!! It was so exciting and special that all of us got to witness it together. Haven’t managed to catch it on video yet but I’m sure we will this weekend. 829-1829-2829-3829-4829-5829-5b829-6829-7829-8829-9829-10Things might be a little quiet next week as we all get adjusted to our new routine, but I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Labour Day long weekend. xx

What were your highlights this week?

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  1. Yayy for the 2 steps 🙂 She is the most adorable little girl!! The highlight this week for me was getting my new camera! Now I have time this weekend to play around with it and start taking photos!!

  2. I think she is adorable!…and already has a favorite “The Princess and Frog” movie <3
    This weekend we're planning on looking at a few properties and hitting the water for the last time before they close down for the season. Hope you and your family has a great weekend too! =)

    1. Funny how quick they latch on to things! She loved it before she even saw the movie, she would turn and stare at the TV whenever the commercial advertising it came on! Hope you had a great time!

  3. We are heading into a new routine of school and work too. I am getting a new job and my hubby has been offered a promotion. So many changes! It makes things turbulent but I know after a week or so of getting used to it I’ll be back on track. Your little girl’s smile is just presious.

  4. The highlights of my week have been exploring parts of my hometown province that I never seemed to do, when I lived here. Now that I’m a 12 hour flight away, whenever I come home I seem to do all the touristy things.

    1. I thought so too – I would have thought she’d latch on to Frozen or something but I can seriously set her infront of it when it starts and she will stare happily for the first 10 minutes (long enough to do dishes!), nothing else does that.

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