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Happy Friday everyone! It was a week of a whole lotta firsts and we survived, though it was smart of me to avoid wearing eyeliner almost all week because there was a lot of crying on my part. We spent the long weekend out at my inlaws cabin and we took a trip up to this gorgeous lookout. Bobby loved running around the paths in the trees, and all the fresh air must have gotten to Cordelia because she just slept. Tuesday I went back to work and the kids went to the dayhome, and Wednesday was Bobby’s first day of school. He got to pick a teddy bear to bring with him for his first day, and he chose Pikachu which was pretty cute. Everything is going really well, but I sure am looking forward to spending the weekend at home with the kids ♥


Any plans for the weekend? What were your highlights this week?

61 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. How cute! First days are hard, I just went through seeing my little brother attend his first day of high school! He’s going to the same school I went to so I felt super nostalgic and SO OLD LOL! Best of luck to your little ones and to you!

    1. Thank you Winter! Oh my gosh! I remember going through that too, my brother was 5 years younger than me. Good excuse to go back and visit your old school though right?

  2. Great pics. Sounds like a great weekend. I know the week of transitioning must have been tough. I have been home10 years, working, but from home. Tomorrow I go to an outside the home job for the first time and the kids will need after school care. I know I’ll be a wreck while I transition. I can only imagine your tears because your kids are smaller!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great week. Your son is too cute with his excitement about school. And out hiking, you can tell he’s all confident because he’s so grown up now.

    Not like you probably wanted to hear that.

    But your family is absolutely precious.

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