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Happy Friday everyone, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! These highlights are actually from my trip to Ottawa last week, but after the tragedy on the 22nd it seemed in poor taste and I figured I would wait until this week. I know it’s been quiet around here, life has been extremely hectic – I hope to get back on track and in to routine next week – so many great products to tell you all about, but I digress.

My trip across the prairies landed me in Manitoba for a couple days where I got to hang out with my bestie Tiffany, spend some time with my parents and brother, and then surprise my Grandparents and the rest of my family at my Grandma’s 75th birthday party! Then I was off to Ottawa for a 2 day conference. I had very limited time to explore, luckily I was close to the Parliament building so I was able to walk down there. I stopped at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and was amazed to see these men standing guard, and marching in the freezing rain. I then walked around Parliament, unfortunately I was too late to take a tour inside, and then down by the canal. I wish I had more time – it’s such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back.


I hope you all have a very safe and fun Halloween weekend!

What were your highlights this week?

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  1. Beautiful photos! I really wanna take a vacation to Canada again, especially Quebec! I hear it’s like a mini version of France. I haven’t been to Canada since I was a kid, and I would really love to take a long weekend or a week trip up there!

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