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A little late posting our highlights for this week, Cordelia has been teething… so not eating or sleeping, which has made for a very long and exhausting couple days. However; last weekend we did get the house decorated for the holidays and Elfie showed up! He arrived Sunday morning on top of the undecorated tree and a letter for Bobby telling him how much he missed him. Then on Monday he showed up with a North Pole Communicator so Bobby can talk to someone from the North Pole every morning before we head out for the day. So far he’s talked to Santa twice, a reindeer trainer, and a few elves. It’s pretty cute.

We set up 2 trees, a small one on the mantle with all of our breakables, and then the bigger tree with shatterproof ornaments and all the fun kids ones. Hard to believe there are only 19 days until Christmas!

Cordelia also started talking! She says hi, dada, and sort of says hello when she pretends to talk on the phone (she puts it behind her head, it’s pretty cute). She can also sign more, food, and please. Her cuteness makes up for the sleep deprivation.

What were your highlights this week? Are you ready for the holidays? Have a great weekend!

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