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Happy Friday! It’s been an extremely long week. Halloween was on Saturday of course which was wonderful but then Cordelia got sick Sunday morning, and then again Monday morning… Tuesday morning I was sick, and Bobby’s cough has come back and now he has a fever (think we waited too long to get our flu shots). Needless to say we will be having an extremely low key weekend to give us all time to recuperate!

So of course one of our big highlights was Halloween! We spent the afternoon carving pumpkins and putting out a couple decorations, and then after dinner we all got dressed up (Bobby dressed up as Raphael the Ninja Turtle, Cordelia was Cinderella, Daddy was Ezio from Assassins Creed and I was Maleficent), put our bowls of candy on the porch, and went trick-or-treating!

Cordelia caught on pretty quick and was saying ‘tick teet!!’ along with her brother, and he was so great… helping her go up and down steps and get the candy in her bag. Unfortunately it started raining and so Cordelia and I stopped pretty quick, the boys followed shortly after, and we had a lot less kids than we are used to. After Bobby checked out his haul we watched the first 30 minutes of Inside Out and the kids were asleep. It was a great day!

We lost our first pet Finn the Betta a couple weeks ago, and so our other big highlight was that daddy took Bobby to pick out a new pet on Sunday – he picked a beautiful blue and red dragonscale and aptly named him Blue Dragon. We bought him a new larger tank and we’re happy to have another beautiful betta swimming around in our living room.

halloween2015-1halloween2015-3halloween2015-2halloween2015-4halloween2015-5halloween2015-7bbetta-1halloween2015-6b12189147_10156345283480045_1413540950602939024_nside note: this is our first ever family portrait and everyone is looking at the camera!! success!

What were your highlights this week?

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5 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. Your kids are so cute! Miss M is 16 months old, so not quite old enough to understand what trick-or-treating is. Next year though we’ll be going out. So we stayed in and gave candies.
    I hope everyone feels better soon!

      1. We had enough candy for about 70 kids this year and gave them all, but it took longer than we expected – especially since it was a Saturday this year and the weather was great here.

  2. You guys looks awesome! I love all the costumes and I love that you guys dressed up with your kids! (Mine never did so I’m soooo happy to see parents getting into it too!)

    That’s downright shitty that everyone’s getting so sick. 🙁 I hope you all heal up quickly and stay healthy! <3

    1. Thank you Chelle 🙂 I’ve always loved halloween – and it’s so fun getting to dress up with them!

      I’m healthy finally but both kids are still sick… so over it!!

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