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This weekend is being spent cleaning and sanitizing and trying to get rid of the never ending circle of sickness, but last weekend was the start of the holiday season for us!

Elfie showed up Saturday with the Christmas tree and we spent the day decorating. We buy a new ornament for the kids every year and try to pick one that represents what they loved most… this year for Bobby it was a Skylander and for Cordelia it was Rainbow Dash from MLP. Sunday we went to a children’s Christmas party hosted by my MIL’s work. Cordelia did not like Santa at all this year, Bobby didn’t either at that age… but he sure loves him now! They also got to watch a magician, bobby got a balloon puppy, and we were all treated to a delicious pancake breakfast.

We purchased a deep fryer a few weeks ago and the box that the oil came in was perfect for an impromptu arts and crafts night… so Bobby and I spent the evening turning it in to a robot complete with rocket blaster and oxygen tanks!

Elfie has been appearing all over the house. Bobby loves looking for him every morning – and now he gets to use his North Pole Communicator to speak to the north pole every day until Christmas. Only 19 more days!december6-1december6-2december6-3december6-4december6-5december6-6december6-6bdecember6-7december6-8december6-9december6-10december6-11december6-12december6-13december6-14december6-15december6-16december6-17december6-20december6-18december6-19december6-21december6-22december6-23december6-24december6-25

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8 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. I love the robot costume, so cute! We did Elf on a Shelf one year, and it’s been hiding in the closet ever since. I applaud your dedication. It’s a lot of work!

    1. If it wasn’t for Pinterest I’d have no clue what to do with him! I’d love to have the time for some of the elaborate things… I always say ‘maybe next year’ lol

  2. That North Pole Communicator is awesome! Wish I’d had something like that at that age! Poor Cordelia with Santa though! I always wonder what the heck the kids are thinking when they see someone strange like that!

    1. It is so extremely well made… He can ramble on for 5 minutes or give a 1 word answer and it still makes sense….and you can only call once a day – if he tries again (or Cordi gets ahold of it) it has a message saying to call back tomorrow.

      I was surprised at her reaction because she had sat there for 10 minutes watching other kids go up and sit on his lap and she was really happy… but this was the age Bobby was when he freaked out too, and then the following year he was fine so hopefully next year she will be ok too!

  3. Loving the robot! It’s funny how kids love playing with non-toys.
    I’m curious to see how Miss M will be when she sees Santa this year and I have a feeling she’ll be like your daughter.

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