Weight Loss Wednesday #10

“Next week will be more positive, I promise – to you, and to myself.” That’s how WLW #9 ended almost 2 years ago. I kept putting off #10, I wanted to have something to show for it by then and I didn’t. I was back at 240 by the end of 2015 and stayed around that weight until July 30 when I finally decided enough was enough. I went out and bought myself some weight loss tech (a Fitbit Charge 2 and Nokia Body+ Smart Scale), re-downloaded MyFitnessPal and started that day.

We had purchased a Recumbent Bike last year that I used maybe once or twice, and on Monday, July 31 I started riding for 30 minutes every day as soon as I got home from work. I started at the lowest resistance level riding about 10k in 30 minutes, slowly increasing the resistance level and eventually switching to interval training programs to help boost my heart rate. Some days I don’t have a lot in me (see Friday vs. Saturday below), so I dial down the resistance a bit and just get my 30 minutes in… but I’m averaging 12.7k a day now and feeling really great about it.

Weight Loss Wednesday #10

So where am I at now? I’m down 17.4lbs as of this morning! I’ve logged into MFP for 60 days straight, and I’ve only missed exercising a handful of days. What I am most excited about though, is the improvement in my cardio fitness:

Weight Loss Wednesday #10That Poor-Fair rating terrified me, and moving that circle to the right motivates me more than the scale does – though the shopping spree I treated myself to yesterday when I got to size-down on everything was pretty fabulous.

Starting Weight: 237 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 17.4 lbs
Current Weight: 219.6 lbs
Left to Lose: 39.6 lbs

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