Weight Loss Wednesday #2

wlw2I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already – I feel like I just wrote my first WLW yesterday! So this week I didn’t get to start off as strong I would have liked… Cordelia was really sick and then I came down with it, and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and sleep. I’m feeling better today though so I’ll be kicking the exercise in to high gear starting tonight.

Progress: -2 lbs / N/A inches (taking measurements tonight)

I did really well with not drinking my calories most of the week – over the weekend I had a couple redbulls to try and perk me up though and have still been having my daily Venti Maple Macchiato. I failed miserably at tracking my calories, but I have set up reminders in my phone every evening now so I won’t forget going forward. I struggled with junk food, mostly chips – I have to completely avoid the aisle at the grocery store or I leave with a bag… and finish it that night. My water intake was still not as high as it should be, I have a bad habit of leaving my water bottle at work and then I don’t drink any in the evening, or I grab a bottle of pop on the way home – so I’ve bought a second one to keep in the office. I have been doing better at eating lunch, which has reduced the amount of snacking I do in the afternoon considerably, and my small step for this week is to start eating breakfast – or drinking breakfast once I find time this weekend to do some smoothie prep! (next week’s WLW!)

How was your week? Anything you struggled with? What are you most proud of accomplishing?

7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday #2

  1. You are doing awesome! This is also week 2 of my full-on lifestyle change and I’m not doing quite as good. I did lose a pound this past week, but my birthday is on Friday and this week is filled with birthday dinners and lots of dessert freebies, and I’m finding it hard to say no. =)

  2. I’m having the hardest time losing weight so my husband and I are making a “lifestyle change” in the way we eat as well… it’s only our second week, but we are already feeling much better, especially about what we are putting in our bodies! It’s so hard tho, I’m a total snacker, chips and all!

  3. Love your post! I am just starting my journey back to health and will use your inspiration! I wrote about this change of heart regarding food in my life on my birthday last week. You are so right, it is a lifestyle change. Best Wishes, with a smile, Carlyn 🙂

  4. I love reading these posts. I know it’s hard now but these small changes are going to make you feel amazing in the long run. Keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome I love your pictures! Girl you are doing GREAT! Just getting started and committing is the hardest part and you’re past that! Keep it up!

  6. I am in the bikini series plan with Tone It Up. I love the meal by meal guide and the daily workouts. It really takes the work out of planning everything. But with that said, I still have meal where I cheat because life. Great job this week!

  7. Good job! I have the same problem with chips, and I’m currently trying to cut out junk food/simple carbs. They’re my faves though 🙁

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