Weight Loss Wednesday #3

WLW3bLate in the day post today, but I really don’t want to miss a Wednesday. I’ll just get right to it… I stepped on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh in – and I’ve gained 4 lbs. Now… the rational side of me is saying ‘It’s happened before, it’s probably just that time of the month and water weight or something stupid’ but the irrational, louder side of me is just saying ‘WTF… give me a kit kat!’1420469141-regina_george_sweatpantsI’ve been doing alright with eating breakfast – I scarf down a couple spoonfuls of granola before leaving the house in the morning. I’ve been drinking a lot more water, so buying the second water bottle has definitely helped. I haven’t been exercising much this week because work has been crazy… I know that’s a bad excuse and I should be able to find 30 minutes a day to exercise, stepping on the scale this morning was definitely motivation to find the time.

I don’t feel defeated yet… I am holding on to hope that I will step on the scale next week and those 4lbs will be gone again – I also know you shouldn’t measure progress by the scale, but with 65lbs to lose it’s hard to not focus on it a bit.

My small step for this week is no more snacking after 7pm. It’ll be the hardest one yet as I am a hardcore snacker… but I think it will also make the biggest difference so far.

How was your week? Anything you struggled with? What are you most proud of accomplishing?

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