32 things i’ve learned

Because I’m turning 32 tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to reflect on some of the things I’ve learned over the past year.

I feel better when I spend time on myself: doing my nails, my hair, or my makeup.
There is always more to do, stop stressing about it.
My marriage is important and takes effort now that we have kids, but the result is so worth it.
Life is better when I surround myself with people who exude positivity.
I need to drink more water.
The days may feel long, but the years fly by and I never get that time back.
Never underestimate the power of a compliment.
It’s far better to respond to someone with ‘yes, and’ than ‘yes, but’
Slow down: so what if it takes a couple minutes more, or I’m a couple minutes late, the stress from rushing isn’t worth it.
It’s good to eat healthy as much as possible, but I don’t need to beat myself up for having a chocolate bar, or 2.


In the end it’s all small stuff.
It’s always time to dance.
Sometimes I just have to let go.
It’s good to spend time doing what I am passionate about.
Goals are great, but stumbling or not meeting them isn’t the end of the world.
Very rarely is anything as important as what my children are doing.
Taking pictures is important, even when it’s ‘the boring stuff’.
Lists are hard.
I feel better when I exercise.
It isn’t a waste of time if it’s something I enjoy doing.
Everything tastes better out of a wine glass, best when it’s wine though.


I can’t please everyone all the time, and trying will make me miserable.
Sometimes good enough is good enough.
Babies time when they poop for right after a diaper change.
Looking on Pinterest for a dinner idea will just result in junk food cravings.
I will never have too much makeup, or nail polish.
Meditation is amazing.
Little things mean a lot to little boys – like playing his music when we are in the car.
If we bought it for Cordelia to play with, she won’t touch it. If it’s something that shouldn’t be played with, she’s all over it.
It’s okay to want time to myself.
I still have a lot to learn.
Some days are difficult and frustrating, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s something you’ve learned recently?

48 thoughts on “32 things i’ve learned

  1. Really great list. I learned recently that after 44 years of not exercising and basically being able to eat what I want, I can no longer do that and if I want to go down the two pant sizes I’ve grown I am going have to buckle down and do it!

    1. Not fair how easy it is to put on and how hard it is to get rid of! You’ve got this 😀 I’ve got a lot more than 2 pant sizes to go… but it’ll be worth it when we get there!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I think this is a really great list! I’ve learned recently that it is so important to have a support system especially when you’re going through life changes. It helps to have someone that you can vent to and that supports you fully.

  3. This list is perfect. Reading through it was exactly the things I tell myself. Don’t stress, pictures are important, doing nails, makeup and hair and exercising help me feel better, drink more water, etc…Perfect list!

  4. If your intention was to make me incredibly hungry, you failed! because I just ate and also had two cupcakes today. But damn those look good.

    Happy birthday! I really like this list. “There is always more to do, stop stressing about it.” If only it were easy! My mom needs to learn to slow down re: being late and I need to learn to slow down re: stressing when things take longer. It’s a process, I guess. I’m still just 24 though. 😉

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