7 things he’d like to see under the tree

My husband recently moved to an office job after almost 7 years in the field as an electrician, so his Christmas list is a lot different this year! Here’s a list of some of the things he’d like to see under the tree:what he'd like to see under the tree

1. ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron Prankster Pack
The best part about being in an office is the pranks… and this is a classic. They’ve changed the design but he still wants to reek some havoc with it.

2. Phillip’s Beer
Bobby is a beer geek, and Phillip’s is one of his favourite brands – even though he’s been working his way through the 2015 advent calendar… I know he’d love to see more under the tree.

3. Video Games
I don’t think there has been a year where I haven’t gotten him a video game, top of the list this year is Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

4. Cuisinart 14-piece Japanese Knife Set
We have been using the same knife set for a decade now, and he’s been dropping hints for months that he wants a new one.

5. Graphic T-Shirts
I’ve made him donate a ton of old shirts, and his closet is looking a bit bare… I know he’d love these three.

6. Desktop Golf
Perfect for long conference calls or when you just need a break from staring at the computer screen!

7. JORD Delmar in Dark Sandalwood & Blue Carbon
The gift I am most excited about! Bobby has been wanting one ever since mine arrived a few months ago… I know that he is going to love it! Just like mine it came in a beautiful embossed wooden box with a slide-off lid, the dark sandalwood is the perfect colour for him, and the blue carbon face is gorgeous! I can’t wait until Christmas! Check it out in all it’s beauty below… and if you’ve had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, I’ve partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for the holidays! Be sure to enter to get in on the savings, tis the season! Entering is easy; just click here – it will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (so many to choose from) once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you!

what he'd like to see under the treewhat he'd like to see under the treewhat he'd like to see under the treewhat he'd like to see under the treewhat he'd like to see under the treeWhat are the men in your life asking for this year? Any of these items on the list?

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