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clinique cheek pop in melon popThe end of the week is almost here, I know I shouldn’t be wishing time away… school starts up in just over a week and I am totally not ready. We haven’t bought school supplies, or back to school outfits… I am determined not to leave it until the last minute, so that’s what I’m doing this weekend. I digress…

We’ve been sleeping in this week (not by choice… my husband has been turning off his alarm), and today we didn’t wake up until 6 – which means minimal time for hair and makeup. My go-to look when I am in a rush has been a shimmery shadow, mascara, brows, light brown liner, a neutral lipstick, and Clinique’s Cheek Pop in Melon Pop.

Not only is it gorgeous to look at… the formula is fantastic. I’m a big fan of blushes that build, because I have a bad habit of not tapping off excess product and then I end up looking like a clown, and this builds, and blends, beautifully. It’s a warm coral-pink shade and the powder in the pan is quite hard, which means very little excess/wasted product. I have read that some people have issues applying with a brush, but I haven’t had that problem yet.
clinique cheek pop in melon popclinique cheek pop in melon popclinique cheek pop in melon popclinique cheek pop in melon popclinique cheek pop in melon popclinique cheek pop in melon popI am definitely looking to pick up Fig Pop and Plum Pop for Fall / Winter which will be here before I know it I’m sure…

What are your go-to ‘OMG I HAVE NO TIME’ makeup products?

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  1. My gooooooooooodness that’s breathtaking! I’ve been holding on to my Cola Pop review for way too damn long (didn’t really fit with the summer I guess) and this just makes me want to buy more of them! They’re so hard to resist in that clear acrylic packaging with the embossing on the product!

    1. I was eyeing up Cola Pop but I thought it was too dark so I look forward to seeing your swatches and review! If it works for you it will definitely work for me. I know… mine doesn’t look as pretty as it does in these pictures anymore… flower is almost gone… so I definitely need new ones to stare at!

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