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demeter foolproof blendingMy first experience with Demeter was a couple months ago when I was lucky enough to participate in the CBB Scent Inspired Memories campaign – I loved them so much that I jumped at the opportunity to try out more, especially since this time around we were receiving a blending kit so we could mix up our own scent!

I received two sets – a Foolproof Custom Blending Duo (Scents: Clean Skin / Sunshine) and a Foolproof Blending Base Trio in Vanilla (Scents: Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel food, and Gingerbread).

Excerpts of descriptions from Demeter’s website which explains the scents far better than I ever could:
Clean Skin: A blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, make for the perfect shower-fresh scent.
Sunshine: Think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun
Hawaiian Vanilla: Hawaiian heat, sweet rains and mild breezes transform Hawaiian Vanilla blossoms into the richest most aromatic vanilla beans in the world.
Angel food: How many angels can dine on this food? Many apparently. It is one of our broadest appeal scents. Ah…..vanilla, sugar….how can you miss.
Gingerbread: Rich, spicy ginger scent, extremely warm and sexy. If Hansel and Gretal had only had this, things might have been very, very different.

The duo also came with an empty bottle, as well as a funnel and some droppers to help mix up our scents… didn’t stop me from spilling a bunch of Sunshine all over my desk, but on the plus side it smells amazing now!

Demeter has some great blending basics on their website, and I found the blending pyramid to be extremely helpful in understanding perfume notes. I used their tip of spraying the scents individually on the strips that came with the trio and smelling them together to figure out what I wanted to combine, and decided on an almost equal mix of Clean Skin, Sunshine, and Hawaiian Vanilla. I haven’t written the name on the bottle yet, but I’m thinking ‘Clean Hawaiian Sunshine’ (original right?) It’s sweet and citrusy and it instantly makes me take a deep breath and relax.

This was an extremely interesting experience and I can’t wait to try mixing other scents together!

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