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Hello everyone! I’m Jayne from Cosmetic Proof!

A new year is upon us and what better way to start off the year than with guest-posting on a brand new blog so THANK YOU to the lovely Rebekah for letting me take over for today!

My beauty resolutions are probably no different than most of yours, so in addition to the more universal beauty resolutions such as “buy less, use more” and “drink more water” here are three personal beauty goals that might resonate with you.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
1. Using an Eyelash Curler

I don’t use one at all because I’m terrified. I thought having the cult favourite Shu Uemura eyelash curler would cure me of my fears, but this photo is the first time I’ve taken it out of the box since receiving it 6 months ago. It’s not like anything traumatic has happened to me while using an eyelash curler, but I find the “tugging” sensation a bit uncomfortable and I always feel like my skin is going to get caught. Whenever I see people use an eyelash curler their lashes always look so much better so this year, I WILL TRY TO USE ONE REGULARLY!

False Eyelashes
2. Mastering False Eyelash Application

I have been using false eyelashes only since August 2014 and even using them regularly in makeup looks has proven to be a challenge. I rarely wear false lashes out in public because I take way too long to apply them. My arms start to shake and more often than not, I will often have to redo one side. The only advice I have gotten is that “practice makes perfect”. I guess I’m just not catching on as quickly as I had hoped!

Sugarpill Makeup Palettes
3. Daring to Wear Bold Colours

We all love a good eyeshadow palette, but I have had these stunning Sugarpill palettes for at least a year and only one of them has been used. I adore bright, pigmented colours but because Vancouver is so understated, I never feel like these sorts of colours would work on a daily basis. My goal for this year is to incorporate at least ONE bold colour into my everyday eye look instead of relying on the safety of my Naked palettes.

Any of these beauty resolutions sound like ones you would like to try? Thank you again to Rebekah for having me today!

Thank you so much Jayne! I need to master false eyelashes too – they always look so nice! You need to do a look with those Illamasqua lashes – WOW!!!

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  1. YES! More bright colours Jayne! You can do it! You’re already all over the blue liner! 😉 I’ve been lusting over those Sugarpill palettes for what feels like forever… but I’ve never broken down and bought them yet. But every time I see them I tell myself I’ll order them “next time”…

  2. Mastering false lashes is a huge goal of mine! I’ve started wearing them a little bit more, but only when I have an hour to put them on! I always have an issue with the inside corners coming loose half way through the day and that is terribly embarrassment at work!

  3. I have the same challenge with fake lashes and bold colors. I find if I cut the lashes a little it helps. I’ve never thought of making beauty resolutions before. Love it!

  4. I am definitely on the using more bold colours but fake lashes and i dont mix, never been able to master then. Using my eyelash curler maybe as it just sits in my makeup bag

  5. I wish I could master the art of applying falsies! But I would say that the eyelash curler would be a pumping motion instead of a tugging. I like to pump mine 6 times for maximum lashed out look 🙂

  6. these are great resolutions! I think i’m going to go with you on the eyelash curler and false lashes! i just never bother with my curler, but it makes such a difference!

  7. I don’t use eyelash curlers, I find that the way you apply your mascara hugely affects the curl of the lash. I push mine up from the root to give them the same curl and lift!!

    Katie <3

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