vichy ideal body aqua sorbet

vichy ideal body aqua sorbetThe first body treatment with an ultra-refreshing texture to keep skin feeling fresh and energetic from morning until evening.

Vichy’s new Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet is as amazing as it sounds. The instructions are to apply to damp skin, so I have been using it after every shower for a couple of weeks and while I haven’t noticed any ‘firming’ (which I’ve never expected in my current shape, maybe in a few dozen pounds!), it smells heavenly (just like sorbet!), absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin feeling amazing.

So much more than hydration for radiant, well-toned skin all day long.
Freshness and Energy: [Gingko Biloba]
Continuous Hydration: [Aquabioryl + Hyaluronic acid + Carrageenan sugars + Fundamental oils]
Smooth Skin Tone : [LHA + Fundamental oils]
Firmness & Softness: [Hyaluronic acid + LHA + Fundamental oils]

The lotion itself is a light orange colour, and feels cool and refreshing when I apply it. Part of that is probably because I just stepped out of a super hot shower… hah. I love that it’s dispensed by pump to keep potential contaminants out, and it makes it easy for my kids to use after a bath which is a huge bonus. It’s a thin lotion so a little goes a long way, and it absorbs very quickly. With spring nowhere in sight, it’s wonderful to have a product like this that lifts my spirit and reminds me that summer will be here eventually!

It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, contains no parabens, and is made with soothing and fortifying Vichy thermal spa water.
vichy ideal body aqua sorbetvichy ideal body aqua sorbetvichy ideal body aqua sorbetvichy ideal body aqua sorbetvichy ideal body aqua sorbetvichy ideal body aqua sorbet

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