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Another week has disappeared in a blink, but it was a great one. The sun even came out for a couple days! It’s supposed to snow today or tomorrow but thankfully it won’t stick around, I know all of us are ready to get outside (outside… outside everybody outside! Too much bubble guppies…)

Bobby spent last weekend at the lake with his grandparents and had a blast as always, but it sure was nice to have him back home Sunday night. My husband broke out his guitar and serenaded us for a bit – big highlight for me as he hasn’t played in a while. (I know you’re reading this… play more!) We went for a couple walks to the park, and every week I am amazed at the relationship developing between Bobby and Cordelia – so much love ♥


What was your highlight this week? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. Awe, Bekkie you do such a wonderful keeping us to date with our wonderful great-grandchildren. It’s no wonder Cordelia reaches out to her big brother, he’s such a handsome darling. What good children you and Bob#4 are bringing up – and so wonderfully as well. Your nails are always so impressive WOW!!! Love you all four and can’t wait to see you again. That might happen in the Fall.

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