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What an amazing week it has been! Started with Bobby’s soccer tournament on the weekend, then he had another game on Wednesday and Kindergarten orientation on Thursday (can I cry?? I’d like to cry). Cordelia is really getting the hang of standing, and crawling, and we’ve had a very curious visitor all week – a squirrel that runs up and down our fence constantly. Bobby went out to play one day and he was sitting on the fence staring at him… they must have looked at each other for 5 minutes before he finally took off. Cordelia doesn’t know what to think, whenever he is perched on the table and she can see him she stops what she’s doing and stares.


Bobby’s Kindergarten orientation was fantastic. They were asked to bring their favorite teddy bear (Bobby brought Scout of course), and they had different stations set up so they could interact with each other and become familiar with the classrooms. We got to meet the Teachers and the Principal and then had a chance to ask questions while the kids went and listened to a story and sang some songs. It was a terrific experience and it helped put our minds at ease (a bit anyway). He was a natural – introducing himself to the other kids and doing a great job at sharing, he is going to love it.


What were your highlights this week?

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    1. Thanks Miranda ♥ I think so too. Now when September comes he already knows where he’s going, and there were so many toys he couldn’t play with that he keeps talking about ‘when Kindergarten starts I can play with…’

    1. Aw Thanks Trisha, your trio is so precious! Any tips having been through it before? You’ll have to let me know if it’s any easier the second time around ♥

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