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Happy Friday everyone! Bobby spent the weekend out at the cottage with his Grandma and Grandpa so it was a pretty quiet one for us. We surprised him with a new (to us) racecar bed, and Cordelia was as happy as we were to have him back when he got home! We also managed to cross off 1 of our summer goals and went to the zoo! Our zoo is quite small and last time we went it was extremely depressing, but they have done (and are continuing to do) a lot of work on it which is nice.

Cordelia has started standing all on her own which is scary and exciting all at once, her favorite place right now is at the window (can you tell by the smudges?) I have no doubt she’ll be chasing her brother around in no time.


What were your highlights this week? Have a great weekend!

46 thoughts on “weekly highlights

    1. Thank you Kendall! We are big Leapfrog fans in this house and I am pretty sure we own everything that has Scout on it (and now starting on Violet with Cordelia haha)

    1. Thanks Raewyn ♥ it really was adorable and made Bobby feel pretty special. She squealed with delight the entire time we were bringing him home. 🙂

    1. Thank you Ashley 😀 It’s all happening so fast – my back is getting sore from helping her walk around all day but I know she won’t need my help for long!

  1. Your Daughter is precious! We buy a lot of second hand things too.. I mean, she’s 2. She’s never going to know that half her outside toys, her bed, and almost all her shoes are bought at resale shops, online garage sales, and ebay. Love your watermark! How’d you make it, if you don’t mind me asking.

    1. Thank you Amanda 🙂 We didn’t even buy it – it was given to us by friends of my husband’s parents – their son outgrew it and they asked if we wanted it. So nice right? I made it in photoshop – just different levels of transparency for the lips and the text 🙂

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