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Happy Friday everyone! Last Friday was Cordelia’s birthday and we gave her her first taste of cake! She didn’t really eat it, but her reaction to it was completely different from her brother who didn’t even want his fingers in it.

Then on Sunday we celebrated Cordelia’s birthday with some family which was really nice. Now that Cordelia stands and walks on her own pretty well, Bobby has started holding her hands and walking around with her – it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. He picked out a Figaro stuffie to give to her for her birthday and she has been chewing on it ever since.

By the end of the day Cordelia was wiped and asleep instantly, so when we got home I sat with Bobby while he did his homework. It’s so fun watching him learn, and enjoy learning. The rest of the week has been spent with most of us being sick which hasn’t been fun, but it is cold and flu season!


What were your highlights this week? Have a great weekend everyone ♥

48 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. Happy belated birthday little Cordelia – what a pretty name. Love all the shots you took this week. As for mine, I went out and explored some new-to-me areas of the place I’m living, so that was pretty fun.

    1. Thank you Jessica Awww that’s so sweet, we wanted to do a cake smash session for Cordelia but were worried she would react the way Bobby did too (which was cry hysterically) I’m sure the pictures still turn out beautifully though!

  2. what fab cakes! especially the messy chocolate one though the princess cake is amazing too 🙂 and the name Cordelia is darling! hope you all feel better soon. 🙂

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