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Happy Friday everyone!! Even though it was a short week I am so ready for the weekend. I have a lot of highlights over the past few weeks, so today I wanted to post pictures of Bobby’s last field trip for the year, and his last day of kindergarten. *quiet tear*

The last field trip of the year was to the zoo – we got to go after hours and the kids got to learn about the different animals. Bobby got to touch a tortoise and a ferret, and his favorite animal was the cute little arctic fox. It was difficult with Cordelia because she is at that in-between stage where she doesn’t want to stay in her stroller, but she also isn’t ready to hold hands and walk with us. We tried having her up on Daddy’s shoulders but she did not like that at all. Thankfully, because the zoo was closed – we were able to let her run around a bit.

Bobby really loved kindergarten and his teacher, so he had a bit of a tough time the evening of the last day of school. We reassured him that he’ll still get to see her every day, as his new class is right across from hers, and that his new teacher will be really great too.
zoo1zoo2zoo3zoo12zoo11zoo5zoo8zoo14zoo13zoo4zoo7zoo9zoo10zoo15zoo16zoo17zoo18zoo19Now we get to enjoy a couple months where life is a *little* bit less hectic. We still need to keep up with writing and reading practice, building his fine motor skills and hand strength, Taekwondo twice a week & practicing regularly. I think all of those things will help him when he starts grade 1 in September.

What were your highlights this week? Do you have any fun plans for the summer?

2 thoughts on “weekly highlights

  1. Awww love the roundup! No more kindergarten eh? Wow. I’m sure that felt like no time at all to you!

    And seriously, what a messed up week. Having Wednesday off was just ridiculous. I worked both sides of the week and it was like a tomb both times.

    1. Thanks Chelle ♥ No more Kindergarten 🙁 – it’s really bittersweet… I’m happy because I get my lunch hour back… and it’s like a sanity break for me – but I already miss seeing him every day at lunch, getting that little mini update on his day… I know I’ll adjust though!

      Right?? I think that when it falls in the middle of the week we, as a nation, should just move it to the Monday or Friday – We didn’t go see the fireworks or anything because the sun sets at like 10:30! I think next time we’ll take the rest of the week off or something, because it was just weird!

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