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Happy Friday all!
As I mentioned in my special Friday post last week, my little guy turned 4 on Sunday, and we had a great day of fun planned for him!

We started with a trip to Galaxyland and were joined by his Auntie Candice, Uncle Scott, and 2 of his Grandparents. He rode his favorites – the planes, the go carts, bumper cars, and the balloon ride. He also took a ride on the Dragon roller coaster and was not a fan. After that we headed to Montanas (or ‘the moose restaurant’ as Bobby calls it) for dinner – Cordelia gave me a present by sleeping the entire time, so I could enjoy my delicious ribs! Then we all headed back to our place for presents and cake! He had a blast, and so did we. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, minus the big guy getting food poisoning / the flu (we’re hoping it’s food poisoning so the rest of us don’t get sick!). It’s cold here again so we’re stuck inside for now, but we have some great V-day crafts planned for next week!


Have a great weekend!

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    1. Haha yeah – unfortunately it wasn’t food poisoning, but thankfully Bobby is bouncing back quick and Cordi has avoided it completely. Mommy and Daddy need to stop being such wimps though! He had a great day 🙂 Thanks!

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