Weight Loss Wednesday #7

weight loss wednesday
No change in the scale this week. I know the common phrase is ‘the slower it comes off, the longer it will stay off’ but I’m anxious to say goodbye to the 230s. I managed 4.5 workouts this week, (one of them doesn’t count as a full workout because it was only about 15 minutes last night). My challenge lately has been office food… cookies, cakes, iced cream and just random candies… the temptation is everywhere. Yesterday I knew there would be iced cream cake and cookies at a meeting, so I ate a bunch of carrots before going in so I wouldn’t be hungry, and in turn less tempted. It worked! (though the cake looked amazing…)

weight loss wednesday

I’ve been slipping on the amount of water I should be drinking – and my body is definitely feeling it. I’m achy, tired, and breaking out more than normal. I’m switching my exercise routine starting tonight to PiYo (A Pilates / Yoga program) for the next 8 weeks. I have not been stretching enough and sitting at a desk all day isn’t helping. I’m also hoping that changing to something completely different for a couple months will reignite that *spark*.

weight loss wednesdayHow is your weight loss journey going? Any struggles or successes you’d like to share? How do you handle food temptations?

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  1. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, and you’re working out a lot, so you could even go up in weight because of your muscle gain. Doing cardio and HIIT helps with fat loss, and it takes almost 12 weeks for people to notice a difference. It may take you 8 weeks to see it in yourself – take lots of pictures through your progress, then when you need a boost or motivation, compare the photos!

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