Weight Loss Wednesday #8

wlw8It’s been a few weeks since I posted a WLW – and I apologize for that… to anyone following, and to myself… because it has been holding me accountable, and not posting has allowed me to slip back in to bad habits.

On Sunday I took Bobby to see The Minions, and while we were waiting for the movie to start he said to me… “Mommy… when we turn 100 we die and go up to heaven right…” and as I tried to hide my tears I said “yes hunny… we don’t need to worry about that right now though because we are a long ways from 100!” It hit me hard. I need to get healthy for myself, and for my kids – so that we don’t say goodbye sooner than we have to.

As I’ve mentioned in the past I struggling with energy levels, between work and the kids there isn’t much left in me at 8pm… so I’m trying out a product which is supposed to help with that, and so far this week I feel a bit peppier.

I don’t really have much more of an update this week… I’m trying, I’m struggling… but I’ll keep trying until I get to where I want to be. Hugs to those of you who are trying to get there too. We can do this!

What time of day to you prefer to work out?

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Wednesday #8

    1. It’s called Le-Vel THRIVE. I wouldn’t take it while breastfeeding though – like Cordi still nurses for a couple minutes in the morning but the amount of milk she’s getting I’m not concerned.

  1. I don’t have kids yet but I understand how it feels to not have the energy to keep up with life. Where did you get Le-Vel THRIVE? I’ve been taking Energy pills from the health section in Walmart.. but I don’t think they do much of anything. Love your blog and your weight loss posts! It’s definitely inspiring me to try a little harder to lose weight 🙂

    1. It’s a direct sales type thing, my sister in law has a friend who sells it and there is a 2 week trial so I thought I would give it a go and see if it helped. There are pills and a patch, so you take a pill or 2 (right now I’m just taking 1) first thing and then put the patch on before I leave the house (when I remember… I have forgotten the past couple days). I haven’t been having my morning cup of coffee and I still feel energetic most of the day so it’s doing something, not sure if it’s doing enough to warrant the cost but I did just start so we will see. Thank you Kelly ♥

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